Lately, restaurants have really been stepping up their social media game, hilariously responding to customer's questions and posting outrageous memes. KFC has been playing their own game with their unique commercials featuring celebs dressing up as the Colonel, but on the sly, the fried-chicken joint has made a brilliant move on Twitter that has only recently been discovered.

You see, on the official KFC twitter account, the fast food restaurant is only following 11 people. And who are these lucky, awesome Twitter users blessed enough to be graced with KFC being their follower? 5 Spice Girls and 6 dudes named Herb. Yup, in a genius nod to their signature mix of '11 herb and spices,' KFC has gone above and beyond in their social media game, and people are finally taking notice.

People want the person whose idea it was to get a raise for their brilliance.

Everyone even wants the guy that figured it out to get a raise too!

Even Wendy's thought it was clever.

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