There are few spreads that have a fan following like Nutella. The chocolate and Hazelnut spread was launched after World War II and has maintained a crowd of loyal followers over the decades. But now, Nutella might have frayed its relationship with fans.

The company confirmed on Twitter Wednesday that they made some changes to the classic recipe.

The new Nutella has an increased amount of sugar (up to 56.3 percent from 55.9 percent) and powdered skim milk (now 8.7 percent from 7.5 percent). The new jars also are a lighter color. And that loyal fanbase has been betrayed.

The public outrage sparked a #NutellaGate hashtag.

We don't know what prompted this unnecessary recipe change, but we just pray that either a) this wrong is quickly righted, or b) it still tastes like the Nutella we love.

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