Charles Manson died November 19th. He was notorious for forming the Manson Family cult and has maintained a dark presence in pop culture for decades. As a tribute, Voodoo Doughnut tweeted a doughnut portrait of Manson.

Voodoo often creates pastry tributes for pop culture icons, including one of guitarist Malcolm Young that they shared the day before Manson's death. But there's a big difference between the ACDC co-founder and the '60s mass murderer.

At the time of Manson's death, he was serving a life sentence for ordering the murders of seven people in the summer of 1969. This doughnut glorification instantly received backlash, causing Voodoo to delete their original tweet and share it again with the disclaimer "*Not celebrating. Villains die too." That tweet was later deleted as well.

Maybe it's best to not put orchestrators of mass murder on doughnuts?

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