Today, Wendy's is known for more than its square burger patties. The fast-food chain has become notorious for their social media presence, thanks to their snarky, sassy, McDonald's-roasting Twitter account.

This week, the team behind the Wendy's Twitter account took to Reddit as the subject of an AMA. Here are some highlights:

Q: How does your frosty machine never break down?

A: "Wouldn't say never, but let's just say it's one of the many things Wendy's does better. cough frozenbeef cough."

Q: You have the Son of the Baconator, you have the classic Baconator, so when will we get the Father of the Baconator, or as I would like to call it, "The Bacon Daddy?"

A : "This is the type of comment that makes you glad your account is anonymous."

Q: How did you get this job?

A: "I posted on this AMA saying people call me 'the beef' and they hired me."

Q: Why does McDonald's ice cream machine never work?

A: "Same reason they serve round burgers, because they cut corners."

Q: Have you ever gotten in trouble for anything you posted?

A: "Not like big time trouble, but sure, we've been 'talked to.'"

Q: How long each day do you guys sit down and analyze memes?

A: "You mean, how much time do we spend living like cool guys? ALL DAY BABY."

Q: Can you reply to this so I have something to tell my parents to be proud of me for?

A: "Good luck."

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