2017 was the year of glitter cappuccinos, clear pumpkin pie, and diet avocados. Now, "crossushi" could be the first crazy food trend of the new year.

Crossushi is a croissant/sushi crossover from Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, which has locations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seoul. Think of a chocolate croissant, but instead of the sweet dessert filling, the breaded pastry is stuffed with smoked salmon, seaweed, ginger and wasabi with sesame seeds sprinkled on top. The pastry is served with a side of soy sauce.

The bakery also offers good hybrids such as cruffins, churro croissants, and root vegetable danishes, but crossushi might just be the most unique item on the menu.

In a post on Instagram, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse co-founder Aron Tzimas commented, "it's actually pretty amazing and sells out super fast."

Curious foodies have been Instagramming their crossushi experiences, catching the attention of major news outlets such as the BBC and Insider, which both named it one of the rising food trends that could explode onto the bakery scene in the months to come.

But Twitter users are hesitant to venture into this new food fad, and many have tweeted their reservations.

Only time will tell if the crossushi trend will pick up momentum to become the first 2018 food fad, but the pastry is off to a strong start.

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