If you love chicken nuggets, we've found your dream job. European retail company B&M is looking for a Chicken Nugget Connoisseur.

The nugget-loving employee taste test new fresh and frozen chicken nuggets that will eventually be launched in stores.

Do you think you have what it takes to be the Nugget Master? The job is on the prowl for people with relevant chicken experience, including but not limited to:

• Getting the 20 share box of nuggets from McDonald's and keeping them all for yourself

• Being the first in the office kitchen whenever someone says there's cake

• That time you tripped and fell at a buffet and saved the plate before yourself

• Going to an event or party because there is free food

• You value the importance of a fish finger sandwich in life

• You can conduct a PowerPoint presentation on the reasoning behind curly fries being nicer than chips

But alas, the position has a few catches. For one, it's a temporary position and not a way to make a livable wage. Or any wage -- the lucky person hired will be paid with £25 vouchers monthly to spend at their local B&M store. But if you have time and calories to spare, all you have to do is send the company a paragraph about why you'd be perfect for the job.

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