Devoted fans of the famous fast-food chain have always demanded one thing - all day breakfast. Our dreams might finally come true this fall! Some McDonald's chains have already started prepping the kitchens to make room for an increased production of delicious breakfast sandwiches and hash browns.  The company has been testing the idea for a year at a few San Francisco and Nashville locations and the results have been very promising.

McDonald's has been experiencing a recent decline in sales due to the healthy living trend and they are hoping all-day breakfast will help overcome that hurdle. Because the breakfast menu items are so popular, their financial analysts think it can grow sales. Whether it will actually help McDonald's will depend on a number of factors, such as speed of service and food quality. What's known for sure is people are really excited!

However before you start freaking out, if you aren't already, there might be a small catch. The all-day breakfast menu will not include all of the breakfast favorites. In fact most franchise owners will have to choose between using biscuits of muffins for the sandwiches so to not clutter the menu. How can anyone be expected to make such a hard decision that affects so many lives?

How excited are you for McDonald's all-day breakfast?

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