If you think you're looking at a basket of french fries, you're wrong. This is something much, much better. What appears to be fries are actually thin pieces of deep fried, sugar coated, sweet batter. Yes, those are donuts. More specifically, you are feasting your eyes on donut fries. Boom, soak in the life altering moment. 

Why would someone serve donuts with mayo and ketchup, you ask? Great question. We agree that would be an absolutely terrible idea. However, what appears to be mayo is in fact custard and the "ketchup" is sweet raspberry jam. 

We have Ron Levi, head chef of Psycho Donuts in San Jose, California, to thank for the existence of these beautiful strips of sugary goodness. Levi's donut talents have been recognized when he won Donut Showdown on Food Network Canada. We are hopeful that his amazing donut fries catch on and spread throughout donut shops across America.

Get yo' donut fry on.


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