Every food enthusiast knows condiments can make or break a dish, especially when it comes to burgers. On the winning side is the McDonald's Big Mac with its special Big Mac sauce. Can you imagine eating a Big Mac without the sauce? No, because that's insane. Now the Plan Check restaurant in Los Angeles is trying to revolutionize the condiment game and people have mixed feelings about it. Their grand idea is ketchup leather.


It is exactly what it sounds like. It is solidified ketchup that somewhat resembles a fruit roll-up. Why would someone attempt to manipulate poor ketchup in such a way? The inventor of this strange product, lead chef at Plan Check, Ernesto Uchimura, wanted to serve juicy, flavor-loaded burgers without soggy buns. The ketchup leather comes in squares and when they are placed on top of a warm burger they rehydrate. 



While we applaud Uchimura for attempting to fix the soggy bun dilemma, we think the ketchup leather creates another issue. Does ketchup actually taste good enough to add to burgers in preserved squares? Or do people just like ketchup on their burgers because of the saucy texture? Anyone who has ever tried fruit leather knows the strange chewy and tough texture can take some getting used to. Can you imagine biting into your delicious burger to find the same texture? 



What do you think of ketchup leather? Are you booking your flight to L.A. right now to try it out for yourself? Or would you rather stick with your Heinz 57?

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