"Let Me Guess, Rice?"

"Went with a friend and her family to dinner to one of their favorite restaurants. They're white, I'm East Asian. Waiter comes over to take our order, asks everyone what they want, then looks at me and says, 'Let me guess, rice?' Big laugh from him, crickets from everyone else; Never went back to that place again."

Phil Date/Shutterstock

"Everything Was Fine...Until The Server Brought The Check"

"I decided I wanted to take my boyfriend out to dinner while he was in town. Everything was fine until the server brought the check and I got out my credit card and handed it over. The server pointed to my boyfriend and said, 'Does he beat you, too?' I guess is it abusive for a male to allow a female to pay on a date."

The Waitress Had A Lot To Say About What She Ordered


The Waitress Had A Lot To Say About What She Ordered

"I went to Buddakan in Philadelphia with a group of friends. I was sitting next to a chubby girl. The waitress came and was taking orders. When it was the chubby girl's turn to order, she took her time contemplating and ordered a salad and water. The waitress muttered under her breath (but loud enough where I heard it clearly, as did the girl), 'Uhh, who are you foolin?'

The chubby girl's face turned bright red and those close by that heard were shell-shocked and didn't say anything not wanting to embarrass her further; Needless to say, I never went back."

The Waiter Could Have Seriously Hurt Her And It Was All Caught On Camera

Roman Kosolapov/Shutterstock

The Waiter Could Have Seriously Hurt Her And It Was All Caught On Camera

"I was around two years old, and I was at a family meal in a fairly average restaurant. I was in a highchair, my mum and dad had a video camera with them to record my first meal out with the whole family present. The camera was rolling and caught everything that happened. My dad was tickling me when a waiter, who had complained at my laughing previously, said I was disturbing the other guests. He then proceeded to 'accidentally' spill hot soup all over me, then screamed, 'STUPID, LITTLE FREAKING IDIOT SLAPPED ME!' I hadn't, the video proved this.

The manager came rushing out to see what the heck was going on. My dad was trying to knock the crap out of this jerk waiter while my mum tended to me. Then my mum said, 'We need to get her to the hospital!'

The jerk waiter overheard that and screamed, 'IT'S NOT EVEN FREAKING HOT, THE LITTLE SACK OF CRAP IS LYING,' and then he tried to lunge at me, but my dad kindly stopped him in his tracks. I was rushed to the hospital and treated for minor burns on my head, neck and forearm. The waiter was fired and my parents sued the living breath out of him. I have no recollection of the event, and no scars to show for it."

He Was Told He Had To Move Because He Only Had One Drink

He Was Told He Had To Move Because He Only Had One Drink

"I'm the Nightlife Coordinator for Caesar Entertainment, so most of the managers and higher ups know me. However, unless I'm at one of the nightclubs, the employees usually don't know me.

I went to eat at one of new restaurants with a bachelorette party and decided to wait for them by the bar. I ordered a drink and about five minutes later, a bartender walked over to me and said I needed to move because I was sitting there with one drink and she could be getting other customers. Mind you, it's a sit down bar and she singled me out. 'I'm waiting for some friends,' I told her.

'I don't give a crap, you're sitting here, alone, with one drink. I have more important groups I could be waiting on, move,' she replied.

'Tell you what, get your manager to make me move and I'll gladly step away.'

It's at this point she grabs two security guards and the manager, all of whom know me very well. 'I told him to get the heck up and move and he told me he's not going to unless you tell him.'

The manager said, 'I probably won't, because he could fire me. That's the nightlife coordinator for the four properties.'

'WHAT?!' she screeched.

I turned to her and said, 'You're fired.'"

The Waitress Was Apparently Upset He Dared Order A Vegetarian Meal

Rommel Canlas/Shutterstock

The Waitress Was Apparently Upset He Dared Order A Vegetarian Meal

"Wasn't said to me, but was said about me: I was in Kansas City at this too-hip little restaurant that consisted of little more than a bar, a stage for the jazz band, and a few tables. I was in from out of town visiting friends from college, and was sitting at the bar with them for about an hour waiting for a table to open up. When one finally did, the waitress came over to get us more drinks and talk about the menu (which was all prix fixe) on which all of the items were based around meat.

I'm a fairly strict vegetarian, so I'd had my reservations about going to the restaurant in the first place. I told the waitress very politely that I was vegetarian and if they couldn't make me anything I was perfectly happy to just nurse my martini for the rest of the night.

About fifteen minutes later, one of the chefs came out and sat down at the table. The first words out of her mouth were, 'So, one of the waitresses came in to tell me that some dorky-looking (rhymes-with-maggot) wanted us to make him a freaking vegetarian meal.'

'And what did you say to her?' I replied.

'Well, first I told her to not call my best friend that name.'"

They Went Out Of Their Way To Be Nice, And This Is The Thanks They Got


They Went Out Of Their Way To Be Nice, And This Is The Thanks They Got

"I've worked in the service industry, so I always go out of my way to be nice to servers and bartenders and have a conversation with them if they seem into it. A couple months ago, I was at a new bar with my friend. I ordered a glass of wine from the bar and midway through my drink, I asked the bartender what he'd recommend for my next drink. He took my half-full wine glass, POURED IT OUT, and gave me a glass of something new. I was kind of confused, so I said, 'I wish you hadn't poured out what I was still drinking.'

He replied with, 'You know what I call someone like you? A FREAKING BRAT.'

It was one of those things were I just went, 'Wait...what just happened?' To this day, I can't figure out why he poured out my wine and then called me a brat when I was just trying to be polite and friendly."

Their Date Was Almost Ruined By Their Homophobic Waitress


Their Date Was Almost Ruined By Their Homophobic Waitress

"About a year and a half ago, I was on a date with a guy at a Chili's. We got seated and ordered our drinks with no issues. While we were deciding what to order, we were being cutesy and holding hands on the table- no big deal. The waitress comes back, and says, 'Are you ready to or--' and stops dead, staring at our hands like she'd never seen such a thing before. Then, suddenly, she says, 'Wait... are you gay?' in an unnecessarily loud voice. I calmly replied that my sexuality was irrelevant to my order, laughing. I really didn't think it was that big of a deal. Without a word, she turns and walks off. A minute or so later, we can hear her from the kitchen. 'No! I'm not serving GAYS! That's freaking disgusting! I am not catching their AIDS!' The whole restaurant goes very quiet, and a lot of people turned to stare at us. I didn't really give a darn and found the whole situation to be kind of funny, as did my date. Another waiter came to our table, apologizing, and took our order. As soon as he walked away, our original waitress came up and started yelling, 'You should be ashamed of yourselves, you homos! God will judge you! How can you expose innocent people to your sin?!' We just sat there, open-mouthed and completely in shock. Luckily, the manager sprinted across the restaurant and immediately started apologizing, fired her on the spot, told us to get whatever we wanted on the house and gave us a gift card, and literally pulled the waitress into the back room to (I assume) collect her belongings.

As she was storming out, she yelled back at us that we were homos and we were going to Hades. It was one of the most surreal, embarrassing experiences of my life."

The Man In Charge Was The Worst Offender

Luis Molinero/Shutterstock

The Man In Charge Was The Worst Offender

"Went with a group to a steakhouse. The food comes out, and the steak I had ordered medium was clearly extra well done. If I was at a cheap casual dining place, I probably would have just eaten it, but this was a $25 steak at a nice steak house.

I politely got the waiters attention, and the conversation went like this:

Me: 'Excuse me, this steak is overcooked. I ordered medium and this is very well done. Is there any chance I can get this remade?'

Waiter: 'No.' Then he walked away.

We didn't see him again for the rest of the meal, and no one came to check on us or fill our drinks the rest of the time. An hour later, we still didn't have our checks. We were ready to pay and leave. I got up to see if I could find the waiter and let him know that everyone was ready to go.

I found him standing behind the bar drinking a beer. The final conversation and what convinced me to never return to their establishment ever again went like this:

Me: 'Excuse me, we are ready to pay.'

Waiter: 'Well, you can freaking wait like everyone else here.'

Me: 'I'm sorry?'

Waiter: 'Yeah, wait your impatient butt back at your table and I'll bring you the checks when I'm ready.'

Me: (Flabbergasted) 'I think I need to speak with your manager.'

Waiter: 'I am the manager.'

I went back and relayed the conversation to the group. We eventually had to walk to the front and get the hostess to find someone to print our checks so we could pay. Everyone we spoke to refused to get us a manager. It had to be the single worst experience I have ever had eating out anywhere.

I wrote to corporate the next day. Actually took the time to write an actual letter, affix a stamp, and mail it to them. Never heard a peep back from them. I don't know what happened afterward because I refuse to return, but they are still in business somehow."

The Waiter Brought Attention To The One Thing She Was Most Sensitive About

Ilya Andriyanov/Shutterstock

The Waiter Brought Attention To The One Thing She Was Most Sensitive About

"So I took a good friend of mine out on a dinner date in an attempt to cheer her up (we'll call her T). She had recently lost her eye and had just gotten out of the hospital. T was really depressed over everything, and her depth perception was so far gone, that you'd think she was drunk or not trying. We got to the place and instantly she noticed almost every waiter staring at her. This was before T took her loss like a champ, so, at the time, she was clinging to my arm like she was trying to dodge the stares. We got to our seats and our waiter came, got our order, brought us our stuff, and generally just went about his duty.

About half way through the meal, T accidentally knocked her drink over and our waiter walked up and said, 'Try to be more careful, cyclops.' I was furious, but before I could breathe a word, T got right in the waiter's face and exclaimed, 'I would hit you for that, but I'd probably miss,' and stormed out. I walked out afterwards, didn't pay, and never went there again.

Afterwards, I took her to the place down the street (that we decided was too expensive before settling on the other place), kindly told the manager about T and what had happened at the last place, and we were treated like freaking kings. We got our meals half-off, but I paid in full and told our waiter that everything after the half-off price was his tip."

Their Dad Gave The Waiter An Ear-Full

Mladen Mitrinovic/Shutterstock

Their Dad Gave The Waiter An Ear-Full

"My brother and I were both adopted from Korea and our parents are straight up white. When I was 8, brother was about eleven, we went to an Italian restaurant and the waiter was literally yelling at us like we couldn't speak English. My dad is very conservative, laid back kind of guy. He looks the witch in the eye and said 'Dang, racist enough? That's my daughter you're yelling at. She reads English at a college level, can speak it, and understand it just fine without you yelling in her ear, thanks. You can tone it down.'

Yeah, our meal was free."

There's Just Some Things You Don't Bring Up In Polite Company


There's Just Some Things You Don't Bring Up In Polite Company

"The wife and I went out to dinner with some friends of ours to a new restaurant we had heard great things about. We sat down and it turned out the waitress is an old friend of my wife's from high school. They hadn't seen each other since graduation (about 15 years at that point). So the two of them were catching up and asking the usual questions like, 'Do you have any kids?' My wife and I made a concerted effort to not have kids. We didn't want to have any. So, when my wife responded with a simple no to her question, her friend looked at me with a very confused look on her face and said, 'What...are you shooting blanks or something?' I wanted to smack the witch."

The Waitress Would Not Believe His License Was Real

Rommel Canlas/Shutterstock

The Waitress Would Not Believe His License Was Real

"I once went to meet up some friends at an Asian restaurant. I'm 23, but unfortunately I look like I'm 16 or 17. Anyway, when I get there, the lady tells me, 'We don't serve underaged kids without adults.' I get this often, so all I do is flash her my driver's license, but for some reason, I guess she thought it was fake. So she ends up grabbing it, cutting it up in front of me, and then phoning the police.

Fun times were had.

When the cops showed up, they ran my license. They told the hostess that it was real. I ended up getting a free meal and the manager asked me if I would like the girl fired. I told her no. Not because she didn't deserve it (she did) but because I don't hold grudges against people's stupidity."

How An Undercooked Steak Could Have Turned Into A Fist Fight

How An Undercooked Steak Could Have Turned Into A Fist Fight

"The steak was undercooked. I enjoy a good rare steak as much as anyone, but the inside wasn't cool and red, it was cold and purple. I sent it back twice and when it came out the 3rd time, still undercooked, I told her to forget it, I was done. Everyone else was done eating and I was filled up on bread at that point. She kept harassing me, telling me what a fine steak it is and to just tell them how I wanted it cooked. When I told her I wasn't interested, she got rude. She told me she was cutting me off (after two beers). I finally told her, 'Just leave me alone, I'm done talking to you.'

She came back five minutes later and said something like, 'You're stuck with me, this is my table.' A few minutes went by and that's when she said, 'Do you want me to get the chef out here, he's 6'3.'

I said, 'Why, is he going to kick my butt and force the steak down my throat?'

At that point, she tried to walk away, but I was beyond pissed, so I stood up and said, 'Yeah, get him out here and I'll shove this raw steak up his rear.' She left, didn't come back. The chef didn't come out either. The manager came over, apologized profusely, offered to get me a new steak, and card for a free meal, etc., but I had no intention of ever going back there to eat.

Without a doubt, the worst experience I've ever had at a restaurant. I always treat wait staff very nicely and I tip well. I've done their job and I know how much it sucks sometimes, so I can easily forgive a waitress that is in a bad mood or not very friendly. Her reaction though, to a valid complaint, was way over the line."

This Waiter Should Have Held His Tongue Until AFTER He Got His Tip


This Waiter Should Have Held His Tongue Until AFTER He Got His Tip

"I was unemployed, but managed to take a girl out to a restaurant - not too fancy, but in an uppity neighborhood. The waiter pressed me all night to order more drinks and food, but we declined. Finally, he handed me the bill and said to me, 'Cheap date tonight, huh?' Turns out, I was too cheap to tip that night, too."

He Added Insult To Injury

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

He Added Insult To Injury

"I had just left the hospital and some friends picked me up to get a bite to eat. I had a third degree ACL tear in my knee, so I was limping around wearing this hip-to-ankle leg brace - you couldn't miss it. We grab a table and I was on the outside (not beside the wall, but next to the walkway) with my bad leg tucked safely under the table and my good leg 'protecting' me on the outer edge. Our waiter was this curt, unfriendly dude who was basically glaring the whole time. Eventually, when he brought our food (slamming plates down roughly), he managed to kick my bad knee under the table while reaching to put food down on the far side. This on its own I wouldn't hold against him, but it freaking hurt, and I yelled, 'Ow!' pretty much in his ear (as he was leaning in front of me). Dude didn't even react.

My friend picked up on it: 'Uh, you just kicked her.' The waiter just walked away.

So my friends decided that he would get a $1 tip on each person's bill (I am not an advocate of tipping badly but having had a fairly crappy day end with being kicked on my already injured leg, I was okay with it given the circumstances). My one awesome friend wrote a note on her receipt explaining WHY he was getting a bad tip. Then we got up and (slowly) make our way outside. At this point, the waiter tracked (chased?) us down to defend his honor or something.

'I didn't kick a girl with an ACL injury!' He seemed outraged.

'Uh, yes, you did. That would be me,' I reply exhausted and kind of shocked that it was even a question. My friends stepped in to relate the story of how I even yelled and he was totally oblivious.

He's like, 'Well then, I'm sorry.' He sure didn't sound sorry. What did he want us to do, go back in and give a better tip? He turned angrily back into the restaurant.

The clincher: as he went in, another couple was leaving and they overheard everything. Looking at my leg the woman said, 'He kicked you?! I passed by him inside earlier and he elbowed me and didn't say a word!' What a douche."

Getting Their Waitress' Attention Was To Tough To Handle

Iakov Filimonov/Shutterstock

Getting Their Waitress' Attention Was To Tough To Handle

"I was at a restaurant and waitress hadn't came around to refill our drinks since we got there. Someone else brought us our food and I can't eat unless I have something to wash it down with. Well, she kept walking by our table, but didn't acknowledge me when I politely tried to get her attention. She was also waiting on the table diagonal from us and she kept helping them every couple minutes and playing with their baby. So when she walked by again, I was aggravated. My food was getting cold and I was thirsty. I finally got her attention.

Her: 'Yes?"'

Me: 'Yeah can I get...'

Her: 'You know what, one minute.' And she put her finger in my face. Next thing I know, she was refilling drinks to the table with the baby and carrying on a conversation. I found someone else to get me my drinks and that was the first time I didn't leave a tip."

He Had The Nerve To Criticize Her In Front Of Her Kids

Mladen Mitrinovic/Shutterstock

He Had The Nerve To Criticize Her In Front Of Her Kids

"I was at a restaurant with my family, my sister was just a baby at the time and my mom was kneeling on her seat helping her into her high chair. The waiter comes over, and in front of a family with three children, tells my mom, a grown woman, 'What the HECK are you doing on your seat? A seat is to sit on, like a toilet is to poo on!'

We left without paying."

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