Her Ex Followed Her To The Restaurant!


Her Ex Followed Her To The Restaurant!

"This one time I was taking orders outside, and I took this lady's order and sent her on her way. I take two more orders and finish the line.

I notice the cars aren't moving. I look down the line and there's a guy standing outside of a car in the drive-thru, talking to the driver. I wait patiently, but after 30 seconds he's still there.

The driver pulls forward and he follows. His body language gets me. I start walking over.

When I get closer, I can hear him calling the woman names and saying she's a liar. I am shocked and feel my stomach drop. I look directly at him and say: 'Sir, you need to leave.' He keeps telling the woman she's a liar and throws some papers in her car. I repeat myself. He gives me this insanely happy smile at me and says: 'She's a liar. Yeah, I'm leaving.'

Thankfully he did. I was talking to the woman, asking her what that was all about. She told me she and the guy were getting a divorce and she hadn't told him she had enrolled back in college. She was so scared and crying. She had no idea how he knew she was at our restaurant. She asked for my phone number in case her lawyer needed to get in contact with me to help her case and get her kids. I was happy to give it to her but never heard from anyone about it.

I'm glad she had the strength to get away from that abusive jerk."

The Gross Lady At Taco Bell
The Gross Lady At Taco Bell

"I worked at Taco Bell, once upon a time.

It was about mid-afternoon, and it was extremely hot outside. One of our registers was down, so I was taking the payment and giving the food out at the same window.

A lady pulls up to my window, and I tell her the total. I don't remember exactly how much it was, but it was probably around $8 and some change. She was large and sweating heavily. She looked dirty, but luckily I couldn't smell her.

First, she pulls a couple bills out of her bra and hands them to me. They were moist, but it wasn't something I had never had happen. She then reaches deep down under her chest and pulls out a hand full of change. FULL! I looked at her, I looked at her boob change, and then I said: 'It's okay, you're close enough without the change.' I handed her the food and she went on her way. But man, there was no way I was touching that! All I could see, in my mind, was that episode of Spongebob where Bubbles Bass hides the pickles from his crabby patty under his tongue, except it was coins on the underside of a sweaty fat lady's chest. Ew."

The 'Pranksters' At Dairy Queen
The 'Pranksters' At Dairy Queen

"I worked at a Dairy Queen in high school (the early 2000s).

One day while working the drive-thru, a pair of teenage guys came through and ordered a large root beer. This was a small town, and I didn't know them, so they had come from somewhere else. We were the only nearby DQ at the time, so it wasn't unusual. They didn't order any food or ice cream, just the root beer.

When they got to the window, I opened it to take their money. I noticed then that the passenger had a camcorder, and was filming me. I asked him about it and jokingly asked him if he was filming a documentary. They laughed and said: 'Yeah,' and gave me their money.

When I came back with their change, I noticed the driver appeared nervous. He took the change, and I handed him his large root beer. As he took it, his hand was practically shaking. I started to say: 'Have a good day!' but was interrupted by the large root beer being thrown back in my face. I heard their tires squeal, and watched their car take off out of the parking lot and down the street, while I stood there stunned.

For a moment I froze, the ice-cold root beer dripping down my hair and neck, into my red Dairy Queen polo shirt and down into my bra. The owner of the DQ came out of the office when she heard the commotion, saw me standing there all wet, and asked what happened. It still had not quite registered with me, so another employee told her. She marched up to me, grabbed me by the wrist, and tugged me through the kitchen, out the back door, and into her car. 'Which way did they go?' she asked. I told her, and we took off in hot pursuit.

We weren't able to catch them, but she had the idea that they might try it again somewhere else, so we headed to McDonald's (the only other fast-food establishment in town). When we arrived we discovered that the culprits had just been there, and had done the same to their drive-thru employee. Whoever these pranksters were, they got away.

I have always wondered what became of the video. This happened back before YouTube, but I search it every once in a blue moon to see if I can find it. So far, no luck."

Desperate Enough For A Big Mac?
Desperate Enough For A Big Mac?

"This happened to me while working at a McDonald's as a teenager.

I was going on 47 hours plus without sleep (don't ask, it was a bet), it was just before closing, and I was working back cash.

This couple pulls up and places their order. I think it was a Big Mac combo and something else. I only remember the Big Mac because it comes into play later. I take the order, give them their total, and then ask them to pull up to the window.

Here they come, in a truck that I swear was more rust than metal. The guy who's driving rolls down his window, as he's fumbling around with his wallet, counting out the money. It seemed like it took at least five minutes for him to count out five one-dollar bills. Did I mention they looked like the most hillbilly, redneck people on the face of the planet?

Okay, so he hands me five one dollar bills. I repeat the total to him, which is a few dollars more than what he handed me.

'Ahh dang it, let me look around and see if I can find some more money,' he says. Proceeds to dig in the seat, ask his female companion, I kid you not, look in the bed of the truck, but alas, he can't come up with the money. All this time, I'm waiting, trying to figure out if this is a dream or a hallucination.

'Ah man, I don't have any more money. Maybe we could come up with a trade,' he says. I tell him it has to be cash.

'You sure it has to be cash?' I repeat that yes, it has to be cash.

'Well, my lady friend here can give you a special favor and I'm sure she would oblige if you would just let us have the Big Mac,' he says. At this point, the lady smiles at me from the truck, and I kid you not, there was only three teeth in her head.

I mentally shudder and repeat that I need the cash, or we can't give them the food, all the while trying to avoid looking at either of them, for fear I might puke spontaneously.

'You sure about the special favor, son?' he says. I tell him I'm fine without it. He shrugs, looks at his lady friend and says, 'Guess we won't be eatin' McDonald's tonight, hon.' Then he puts the truck in gear and drives off, leaving me to wonder again if this was a messed up dream, or reality."

The Regular Family At Popeyes
The Regular Family At Popeyes

"When I was working the drive-thru at Popeyes, we would tend to always get this one couple who would come by. Sure, we had plenty of regulars, but every employee knew of the 'Human Tables.' There was always the four of them: the dad, mom, sister, and brother, and they always rolled up to the window with at least three big bags of food from other fast food restaurants. Not bags of trash; bags of uneaten food.

We would call them the Human Tables because they all had their seats all the way back and would use their stomachs as tables. The smell was pretty horrid as well. I mean, imagine a family that eats four huge bags of fast food from multiple fast food joints for every meal. Pure terror.

Or there was this one time when an 80-year-old woman was hopped up on presumed illegal substances and decided that you should be naked for a 'better Popeyes experience.' So many wrinkles. So many."

Paying In Pennies Only?
Paying In Pennies Only?

"I worked at a Mom and Pop burger place in a more rural part of town, and I would work the walk-up and drive-up windows.

This one time these three girls came over to the walk up and wanted to buy some ice cream. It was during the summer on a hot day so everyone wanted ice cream. They pulled out this massive jar of pennies. They told me this was their Disney Land jar, but they got hungry for ice cream. They bought three ice creams, $1.07 each, so $3.24 was their total. But they had an issue they only had 289 pennies. I gave it to them anyways.

Also, I had this hick drive up on the Fourth of July. I was bringing him his food and he goes: 'Hey kid, ever seen one of these?' and shows me these firecrackers or something. Before I can even respond, he throws it out of his car onto the ground near my feet and the thing blows up. He gives this huge belly laugh and drove off."

The Angry Man Was Right About One Thing


The Angry Man Was Right About One Thing

"I was working the night shift in a McDonald's-equivalent place. It was around 2 a.m., and there was a huge line in the drive-thru.

Up comes a car with a middle-aged gentleman and an older woman. They should be an easy customer, or so I thought. Upon a closer look, the old lady is tripping balls with some kind of greenish goo oozing out of her mouth. The man himself has a contact lens with a star printed on it. Kind of strange but hey, it's late Saturday, right?

Well, this is where it gets interesting. Instead of your standard late night order, this guy goes ahead and orders 29 hamburgers, no fries, no drinks. Now, this is somewhat unordinary but nothing we can't handle.

So his order takes a while to make, and this guy starts talking (the older lady, who turned out to be his mother, was still on another astral plane) about how he's a psychic and can tell the future. He goes on a rant how everything is going to crap, and we're all going to die and other standard crazy person talks. At one point, he asks my co-worker if she's thought about a name for her child yet. We think nothing of this and once his order is finished he leaves without a fuss.

An hour goes by and the same car comes around. Maybe he's still hungry after those 29 burgers? Well, he drives to the window and majorly flips out. He starts shouting that he didn't order all these hamburgers but he wanted a Big Mac (still not a McDonalds). The guy literally goes ballistic and starts throwing the hamburgers at us. After a long five minutes, we get him to calm down, but not before threatening to call the cops.

The crazy thing about all this? My co-worker was few weeks pregnant at the time. No-one knew."

Back Of The Truck Murder Scene At Wendy's
Back Of The Truck Murder Scene At Wendy's

"Wendy's has two windows for the drive-thru: Pay at the first, food at the second. The guy at the first window also takes orders and watches cars drive up via the security camera.

One day he just shouts: 'Oh my God! What is that?' We run over and look at the monitor, and there's this pick-up truck with something big in the bed of the truck. As he pays and drives past, it's a severed moose head. Antlers and all. And there's blood. Not a lot, he would've bled it out before strapping it down in his truck, but there was blood.

She got to the squawk box and said: 'I'm not hungry anymore.' The way the drive-thru is set up, once you're in line you can't get out of line. She just had to sit there in line behind this severed moose head."

Mcflurries Cure All Sadness?
Mcflurries Cure All Sadness?

"I was working the McDonalds drive-thru at 11 a.m. on a Sunday morning.

A lady orders a Mcflurry (half M&M, half Oreo). She comes up to the first window where I am, says hello, and then gives me her card to swipe. Meanwhile, she completely ignores the fact that there is a crying teenage girl curled up in the fetal position in the passenger's seat, wearing nothing but a bra and underwear.

Also, there was this lady that had so much stuff in her old box style minivan passenger seat, that it was almost formed to the shape that half of her body took when she sat in the car."

Defeating The Guy With The Ski Mask On?
Defeating The Guy With The Ski Mask On?

"True Story

I can tell you about the other side of the drive-thru's coin.

I stopped by an El Zarape drive-thru (taco shop), and I was about to order, when some guy in a ski mask came up and shoved his weapon right in front of me, telling me to 'get out of the freakin' car!' I couldn't move my car because it was in park, and it is only a one lane with a high wall on the other side. So if I punched the gas, I would have totaled my car. When he told me to get out I told him 'SCREW YOU.' He then proceeded to whip me all the while the drive-thru people came out and saw what was going on and ran back in. He then yelled again: 'Get out of the car!' He had his hand on the door trying to open the lock when I slammed my closed fist down on his hand. He then proceeded to whip me again and knocked my glasses off and at that point, I was bleeding from my ear and eye, where my glasses cut me.

So I struggled with him to get his weapon, and as he pulled back, I reversed my car and saw him running away. So I put my car back in drive to run him over but I missed him by an inch as he jumped the median. I ran out yelling at him to bring his little butt over here so I could show him what it will feel like being in prison. He yelled: 'Screw you,' and jumped another fence.

As I went back in my car, I drove up to the lady in the drive-thru and asked for my Papa Asada with fajita on it. The lady apologized for what happened and gave it to me for free. So I pulled over to the front of the restaurant, sat on the curb eating my delicious potato, and continued waiting for the cops.

After going through the process with the police, statement, finger dusting for evidence, and being treated in an ambulance, I went home. My wife asked me how my day went and I said: 'Oh. You know babe, same old, same old.'"

She Left Him A Mean Review After That!


She Left Him A Mean Review After That!

"I'm a pretty average-sized male teen.

I am handing a lady a full drink carrier with four 40-ounce drinks, but she parked her car far away from the window, so I had to lean out to reach her and hand it off. But, she snatched the carrier before I had let go and I started to tumble out the drive-thru window.

My manager noticed this and put her hand flat on my back, but she failed to stop me from falling out of the window. I landed on my back and kicked their SUV as I did a full flip. The wind was knocked out of me from the landing and I thought I was dying as I'd never had that happen before.

This lady started yelling about how I'm incompetent and have caused damage to her car. My manager asked if I was okay and told the others to go back to work. She then ran around with some napkins to help get the blood off my arms. The lady started ranting about how she hadn't gotten her food yet and my manager threw her money back at her and told her to find somewhere else. I was sent home early.

I came in the next day with a write-up and my General Manager telling me to clock in fast and get back to 'the office.' Apparently, this brat left a negative review online and even called corporate the next day to complain about us. I explained the situation to my GM and he sighed and called the manager from that night. She apparently gave a more exaggerated version than me and he bought me lunch that night for the trouble.

I still work there, but the nice manager left to become a semi-truck driver. Now I get to hate 4/5 of my managers."

They Put The Couch In The Van!
They Put The Couch In The Van!

"Here's a story from the other side of things:

Last year, seven other friends and I were helping one of us move a couch to a new house. My friend brought a minivan, took out the back seats, and we stuck the couch in there.

While we were sitting around on the couch and chatting, someone came up with the brilliant idea that we should go get some food. We get into the line and make our order like any other regular customer. When we get to the window, we decide to make all of our transactions through the side door.

When we opened up the door to reveal five people sitting on the couch with one laying across all of them, the lady working at the window just starts laughing and telling all of her co-workers to come over and look at us. I'm pretty sure the people behind us were angry about having to wait for us, but we definitely made the night of every worker there!"

When The Escalade Rolls Up
When The Escalade Rolls Up

"I was in college and working a crappy burger drive-thru job.

I got yelled at regularly, by the boss but I needed the job, and it was a small town, so jobs were hard to come by.

We were super busy, and I was just taking order after order handing out bags non-stop. When a black Escalade with heavily tinted windows and rap music blasting pulled up to my window, I was ready to help some wannabe gangster with his order. The window rolls down, and it's a little 80-year-old white lady wearing an orange jumpsuit and matching visor (tilted to the side of course). She was super sweet and tipped me. So I'm not sure what that was all about but it stuck with me."

Drama With The Rambunctious Dudes At Starbucks
Drama With The Rambunctious Dudes At Starbucks

"I worked at a Starbucks on the border of Wannabe Rich-Boy Rancher Town, we'll call it Rodeotown, and the foothills up into the surrounding national parks. Because of our proximity to the highway that goes through the middle of town, we got local cops that would chill out in our lot. They'd come in, chug quad lattes, go to the bathroom, and hang out until they got a call.

One night, a car full of dudes comes through the drive-thru and asks for four venti waters. We quit giving out waters without purchase in the drive-thru because we were right next to a location of a local gym chain. Drive guy, B, is super polite and tells them we can't swing it, it's new policy, but if they come inside, we can hook them up. They cuss at him, peel out of the driveway, and tear off. We shrug like 'whatever,' we were used to rich little brats racing the sportscars and SUVs their dads bought them up to our drive to buy Frappuccinos with which to wash down the fistful of pills. Typical Friday night shenanigans where we're at.

Meanwhile, our two regular cops come rolling in, we get them their quad lattes, crack jokes with Kirk the dude cop, fight over who gets to make eyes at the girl cop, and they go to chill out.

DING! Another car in drive. It's that same carload of jerks who asked for water! They pull around, wait till B opens the window, inform him that McDonald's gave them free extra large waters at the window. They proceed to try to wave the thing through the drive window at B. Sadly for them, the kid has great reflexes and he slammed the big fat close button. The cup hits the window and splashes almost entirely back at the jerk driving.

B dips back, and this exchange happens.

Kirk and HotCop: 'WHAT JUST HAPPENED?'

B: 'That dude just threw his cup at me.'

HotCop: 'That's attempted assault.'

Kirk: 'Attempted assault.' Cue Looney Tunes sound effects as they both bust from their seats, through the front door, and to their cruisers

The guy in the drive-thru goes roaring out, and no less than 20 seconds later, he has two of Rodeotown PD's finest, full lights, and sirens, chasing behind him to just absolutely screw up his and his little friends' night."


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