Gender reveal parties have been a growing trend as of late. The days when friends and family would learn about the gender of a baby via a phone call are over. Now, revealing the gender of a baby is a huge deal. The ways to celebrate the gender of your baby are endless. Here are some creative gender reveal party ideas:

Reveal Ideas

Cake Filling

cake with candy filling

You're not limited to using pink or blue food coloring for your reveal, get a little creative and use a filling for your cake. An interesting idea is, filling the cake with M&M candies. When you cut into your cake, the pink or blue candies will flow out, surprising party attendees.

Gender Reveal Cookies

This is another yummy reveal idea. Instead of a cake, fill cookies with blue or pink candy. If you don't want to go to a bakery to have these made,follow this step by step DIY. Will the candy inside be blue or pink? Your guests will have to take a bite to find out.

Powder Cannon

pink smoke bomb gender reveal

We've all seen many eager couples use powder and confetti cannon to reveal the gender of their baby because it's a simple and cost-efficient. Although this method is straightforward, it's exciting for both the parents-to-be and their friends and family.

Box of Balloons

Like a powder cannon, this is another cost-efficient way to announce your baby's sex. All need is some creativity and supplies from your local craft store. Here is an easy tutorial on how to design your gender reveal box.

Games & Activities


Hitting a pinata is probably the most fun gender reveal idea. You can DIY it or buy one already made. Fill your pinata with gender identifying colored confetti or candy and let one of your guests have at it.

Gender Reveal Scratch Off Ticket

Scratch off tickets aren't just for the lottery, you can use them to announce the sex of your baby. Not only can these tickets be used to announce the gender of your baby, but it also makes for a unique idea that will get your guests involved. This is a lottery where everyone will be pleased with the outcome.

Team Boy or Team Girl?

hands holding confetti

A little rivalry never hurt anyone. Have guests predict a gender and then have pick 'team' by wearing blue or pink pins. Once the gender is revealed, those who predicted correctly would win a prize.

Pop the Belly Dart Game

This is a spin on the traditional dart game. For this, line a board with balloons, but only fill one with blue or pink confetti or powder. Have guests take turns at trying to pop the gender-revealing balloon. Follow this DIY to create this entertaining party game.

Welcoming a child into the world is a joyous time. Therefore, it shouldn't be made stressful by having to plan a gender reveal party.

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