The emotions felt from losing a beloved pet can be devastating, in some cases comparable to the death of a human loved one. The love that our pets show us throughout their lives is, without a doubt, some of the most unconditional love that we could ever experience. Because of that precious gift, the hardest part of owning a pet is saying goodbye.

The passing of a pet can leave its owners with a heavy heart. A pet memorial can provide comfort and positive thoughts as well as happy memories to a bereaved pet owner. We've compiled a list of 12 meaningful pet memorial ideas that will honor your cherished pet. Our collection of pet memorial ideas are considerate and creative, making thoughtful pet memorial gifts for your friends and family, as well.

1. Trees For A Change

trees for a change pet memorial

Plant a tree in memory of a beloved pet. Your tree dedication will be forged forever with your pet's name through a national registry where you will have access to photos about the location of the tree online. Your pet's tree will have been an integral part of restoring a forest that had been destroyed by fire.

2. Pet Cremation Ring

pet cremation ring

Your cherished pet will never be far from your heart with this stunningly beautiful pet cremation ring. This sentimental ring is lovingly made with your pet's ashes using a unique resin blend that creates a birthstone color of your choice.

3. Pet Memorial Stone

pet memorial stone

The pet memorial stone is a beautiful way to memorialize your companion. Place the durable waterproof resin stone in your garden or inside your home as a reminder of your family pet. Personalize the memorial stone with your pet's name, a custom message, and memorial years.

4. Pet Portrait On Canvas

pet oil painting

Enjoy a stunningly beautiful oil-like painting effect of your beloved pet on canvas. Lovingly place this keepsake in your home and enjoy for years to come.

5. Willow Tree Sculpture

willow tree

Cast from an original carving and painted by hand, Willow Tree sculptures capture beautiful emotions and tender memories. Honor your cherished pet with this lovely display. Willow Tree figures also make thoughtful pet memorial gifts.

6. StarDust Memorial Stone

stardust memorial stone

The Stardust Memorial Stone is uniquely beautiful. The memory stone encases your pet's ashes in blown glass, acting as a stunning alternative to traditional pet urn memorials. This sentimental keepsake can be personalized to the color and size of your choosing.

7. Pet Memorial Christmas Ornament

pet memorial christmas ornament

Christmas is a time for friends and family, and of course, our pets. There is something magical about that time of year, and for pet-lovers, we know that our fur-babies feel it too.

Place this heartwarming Christmas ornament on your tree this year to commemorate your pet. They may not be curled up under your tree, but they're with you forever in your heart.

8. Petsies


Petsies custom stuffed animals is a truly unique gift for any pet lover, or those seeking a way to remember their lost furry companion. To purchase one of Petsies' custom plush lookalikes, simply send a photo of your pet (via email or text message).

Petsies will provide you with a beautifully handmade and well-detailed replica of your beloved pet and deliver to your home in six weeks. Have a special gift that resembles your best friend to cherish and love forever.

9. Rainbow Bridge Necklace

rainbow bridge necklace

When your pet passes away, they begin to make their journey across the rainbow bridge. This iconic beautiful bridge made of splendid colors connects heaven and earth. Once they are over the rainbow bridge, they are met with inner peace and happiness that lasts forever.

Wear your Rainbow Bridge necklace to honor your beloved pet and know that one day you too will cross the rainbow bridge to meet your loving pet once again.

10. Forever In My Heart Pet Frame

pet memorial frame

Place an impression of your pet's paw print in a wooden shadow box frame, have it alongside one of your favorite 4 x 6-inch photos of your precious companion. Display this heartwarming pet memorial frame on your desk or tabletop to enjoy.

11. Pet Memorial Wind Chime

pet memorial wind chime

This charming wind chime features a paw print and an excerpt from the sentimental poem, "Pawprints Left By You," written by Teri Harrison. Hang this wind chime and be reminded by its gentle, soothing sounds of your loyal and loving pet. The pet memorial wind chime is a thoughtful gift for grieving families and loved ones.

12. Pet Memorial Candle

pet memorial candle

The One Fur All pet memorial candle is a thoughtful sympathy gift for anyone that is grieving the loss of their pet. The memorial candle is hand-poured and made from renewable resources such as 100% natural soy wax and a cotton wick.

The candle combines lovely scents of floral and citrus notes blended with a hint of citrus honey and golden vanilla. Your pet will live on in your heart and will always shine bright in your memory, like the soothing flickering flame from this candle.

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