"I'll Get You Next Time!"
"I'll Get You Next Time!"

"I work in a restaurant, and I had a coworker who would steal tips. She was super sneaky about it, until she wasn’t. She would see when other busy servers’ tables were ready to pay by card, then 'pull' the table under her name in the system and take the payment for us. Taking each other’s payments is common (we all help each other out), but this was NOT.

When you pull it under your name, the tip automatically goes to you. You would only really notice it if your cash-out was blatantly off at the end of the night, or if you were really careful doing your cash-out (individually adding each of the hundreds of slips to see if you’re missing any).

We had our suspicions, but she eventually got caught when she shared a party with another server, and did the cash out, then tried to leave without splitting the tip.

The other server chased after her, demanding her half, and the tip thief said, 'I’ll get you next time, girl!'

Uh, that’s not how this works. She was fired soon after."

A Blessing In Disguise
A Blessing In Disguise

"Back in college, I worked at a small Italian restaurant, and our only 'bartender' would just randomly disappear throughout every shift. It would be a busy Friday night with drink tickets piling up, and he would literally be gone for 20 minutes at a time and no one could find him. He also expected to be tipped out for working (even though I swear I saw him make maybe two drinks a night).

It was terrible, turns out he was leaving to shoot up crystal all shift. One time, he was fumbling around the bar breaking glasses and he turned around and blood was running down his arm everywhere. The worst part? Our crazy old Italian owner thought he was helping the guy by giving him a job, so he refused to fire him.

Luckily, I was the one that ended up getting fired, and was pretty grateful to not have to deal with that anymore."

Not Even His Family Put Up With HIm
Not Even His Family Put Up With HIm

"I work at a restaurant with two of my best friends. We work for the restaurant’s carryout team, and handle orders and customers picking up. The owner of the restaurant is this family that is deeply devoted to serving our customers and maintaining a good name. The family is great, and are some of the best people I’ve ever worked for; however the son of one of the owners was one of the worst people I’ve ever had to deal with.

First off, this lazy guy was always worried about what was happening on his phone, and especially took advantage of his status to get out of doing work. And a real kick in the balls was he was making nearly double what we did and took tips as well. Not to mention he was a loudmouth and would spew filth never caring who was there to listen. He was gay but that’s not even a problem. The problem was that he would openly talk about his personal life at work in very explicit details (we have many children who come into the restaurant). On several occasions, he has thrown absolute fits and nobody can tell him nothing because he’s 'family.'

He would often as well grab at other coworkers behinds, and would make inappropriate remarks about how he wanted to suck off me and my friends. In the end, he was fired by his own family."

"I Finally Snapped"
"I Finally Snapped"

"When I used to work at Bob Evans, I was trained on the grill by this complete idiot of a guy. Even on the first day, he yelled at me for making a mistake, constantly insulted me, called me an 'ugly moron,' talked about me behind my back (according to other co-workers), and was a genuine scumbag. The worst part is, he would call off, leave early due to being 'sick,' and he was lazy at work himself.

After the first week I worked there, I was a college student just trying to make some extra money, so I didn't care that much about the job. He kept up the blatant insults, and disrespect. I finally snapped, threatened to literally beat his face him, and told him I was ready whenever he was ready to fight after work that day. He was in shock I did this, and ignored me the rest of the time he worked there (for about another three months), but at least he never insulted me, or talked behind my back anymore."

Following Directions To A T
Following Directions To A T

"I worked as a server/barmaid/supervisor in a small family run business. I had been there since the day it opened, so I ended up doing a bit of everything and I loved it. Loved our team. One day, there was a table with kids in the restaurant, who spilled a side bowl of mixed vegetables. It happens, no big deal and I asked a newer member of staff if they could brush the floor in the section around the tables in case anyone would slip, as I had someone waiting at the bar for a drink.

They went past me with brush and shovel, and I went back to making drinks. I went to seat another table an hour later in the same section, and saw vegetables still lying under the table the family had been at, the table next to it and under all the chairs. I sit the new table at the other side of the restaurant, and go back to the staff member and asked nicely if they did not get a chance to finish it.

Maybe they started, and the phone rang or someone else came in?

They look me straight in the face and say 'What are you talking about? You asked me to brush around the tables....not under the chairs and table itself.'

They had seen all the vegetables still under the tables and chairs, but because I didn’t specify to lift all the spilled food, they didn’t do it. This became a daily routine of having to specifically ask them to do every little thing. From placing cutlery on tables they had cleared to things like pushing in chairs out of walkways. They would go and sit in the staff area until another member of staff, myself, one of the chefs or the owner would give them another task.

Even if they could see things obviously needing done. Like cutlery beside them just out of the dishwasher to be polished. Nope, nothing was done until specifically asked. This went on for weeks. Nice person. Terrible coworker."

No One Will Miss Him
No One Will Miss Him

"I worked in a restaurant, and a server there was the rudest ever. He’d blame all of us hostesses, saying we would be 'giving him trash tables' who didn’t tip well or were rude. He’d want special treatment and not want to be seated anything more than six people. Worst of all, he’d have better treatment too because his girlfriend was an assistant manager there, and they were practically best friends with the owner of the location. He also did lots of other small things: not doing side work, talk trash about everyone, pretend he was better than everyone else, the works.

Despite us being hired at the same time, he became a server very quickly before me or even others who were hired before me. He also told the managers I couldn’t even be a server because I was a small girl who probably couldn’t lift a whole tray of food. Which is wack, because we had other girls my height who were just as capable working there for years. And I had been working really hard and lifting heavier trays full of dirty dishes as a busser.

Eventually, he got fired because he got into a huge argument with the owner of the location. I don’t remember over what, but he stormed out mid shift. He came back from time to time to bum around the bar waiting for his girlfriend, and bragged to everybody he was working for Apple now. He was working at a call center for Apple customer service, so I guess he is in a way?"

"Insane Amount Of Orders Messed Up"
"Insane Amount Of Orders Messed Up"

"I worked with a senior citizen lady at McDonald's when I was a teenager who, God bless her soul, just badly wanted to learn to do everything in the restaurant. The downside was, she had the attention span of a household sponge.

She'd reiterate time and time again that she just wants to learn, but just had this inability to let anyone show her without taking over and trying herself before they finished showing her for the first time. Wouldn't let anyone do anything, kept messing everything up, and wouldn't stop talking. Insane amount of orders messed up and backed up whenever she'd be working."

"Do You Dare Me To Eat It?"
"Do You Dare Me To Eat It?"

"This guy was in his early 20’s, I was 16. It was at Subway. He was a gym dude, constantly bragging about his workouts, and he was so proud of the fact that apparently he only slept two hours a night?

He would say little 'facts' about himself, such as 'I went to sleep at 1 am.'

When you would respond with something like, 'oh, cool,' he’d go 'PSYCH! You’re so gullible, I went to sleep at 4 am!'

One day, I was texting my family group chat and he for some reason thought I was texting about him. So he tried to take my phone, and then complained that I was recording him. Nobody was coming in the restaurant, so I sat at a booth and he came and sat next to me, and I kept moving booths and he kept following, then complaining I was recording. He then started to record me on Snapchat, and I heard him replaying the video over and over. Weirdo.

The grossest thing? He picked up an old, stale loaf of bread from behind a dirty trash can, and said 'Do you dare me to eat it?'

Then he proceeded to take a giant bite, looked at my disgusted reaction, then spit it out and said 'PSYCH!! You’re so gullible! I can’t believe you thought I’d eat that!'

You’re right, you got me, bro."

Not The Best First Impression
Not The Best First Impression

"There was this college student, a girl just hired to tend bar who turned out to be the most belligerent, intolerable, rude and ignorant person I've ever met in my life.

My job was this: assistant bar manager, head bartender, head of training (I literally wrote the book for all positions in front of house for our restaurant group which are the types of places you'd find world-famous celebrities/business magnates/world leaders daily), and I'd sometimes fill in for floor managers as well as budget/manage/bartend private functions for our catering side of the business (weddings, private gigs, yacht cruises, business functions, galas, awards shows). Basically, I know my stuff and have years of experience and expertise.

My new hire showed up nearly two hours late on her first and only day (bit of a big deal, but I told her politely we expect all members of staff and management to be ready for work 15 minutes prior to the listed start time). She then immediately requested a trainer who wasn't male, because it's apparently it is harassment and misogyny to be trained by a man. She then started being even more belligerent and rude, speaking almost in a shout so everyone in the restaurant had to listen to her talk about her views and how she demands to be accommodated. She tried getting the female waiting staff (one of whom is now my wife) to 'back her up,' that I'm an entitled piece of trash and have no business training anyone. She told me I was going to lose my job, and then she put her finger in my face and started insulting me further when I asked if she would like to start our day over with a fresh slate or be fired and removed from the restaurant by security.

She chose to be fired and wanted her pay for the day.

My general manager (a woman and my mentor) was witness to all this, and she declined my request to pay out of petty cash to this newly fired ex employee of all of three hours. My GM had a special hate for her, and told her the maximum waiting period for payment to terminated employees is one year from the date of firing and she can expect her check to arrive at her given address on that day.

And then the security guards, who were waiting patiently, took this individual outside the restaurant where she was told she is not welcome to return again.

My GM apologized to the guests, the staff and to me. She told me she had no clue she would turn out like this, she seemed wonderful on paper and passed the interview process with flying colors... and the girl I fired was from that point on black listed in the industry."

Oh How The Tables Have Turned
Oh How The Tables Have Turned

"I worked at a store was basically just Subway with salads. One day, while serving someone, my coworker took ingredients out of the line fridge and put the customers' food in the fridge without thinking about it. I've done stuff like that too, it's a totally normal brain fart. But since she's seemingly unable to fathom the idea that she made the tiniest mistake, she then became convinced that I hid it from her when she had her back turned. The more she explained it, the less sense it made.

She made an official complaint to my manager, which obligated him to talk to me about it. I couldn't believe it, and I didn't even know what I did to her. When the three of us sat down together, I was respectful and gave her all the time in the world to list all her problems with me, but I drew the line at admitting to something I didn't do.

She yelled 'There are cameras!' and punched the computer monitor with each syllable.

My manager and I were very calm from the very beginning, and that moment was really unwarranted. (Also the camera footage wasn't ever recording, it was just so the higher up managers could spy on us during our shift, but only my manager and I knew that...). The meeting wasn't that helpful, but I assured her I just wanted us to get along and work together with no bad feelings moving forward.

The next few shifts she called in sick, maybe to avoid me though I don't know for sure, but things levelled off in a week or so. It's worth mentioning that everyone else at work got along really well, we were all friends! So we were pretty candid about the subject when she wasn't there, and I was beyond validated that everyone thought it was strange. I mentioned it was all good now so it's ok, but then my manager mentioned that she actually emailed the highest in command at the company at three am to say she felt uncomfortable working with me and I should be looked into more closely.

Now I was just plan angry. She was being so immature about this to the point that I was done. I just ignored her when it wasn't work related. I didn't give a single care about trying anymore. Never before, or since, did I have to work with someone so unreasonable.

A month later, I actually got promoted to manager while my boss went on vacation. It was only temporary, but I was going to turn in my two weeks as soon as he came back. I was technically the boss now, and by this point my 'nemesis' had now had a confrontation/issue with literally every single employee. One of my other co-workers told me that the employee in question stole a sample size of soup every day while everyone else paid like they were supposed to.

She always used the excuse of 'It's just a sample size, I just want to know how it tastes,' but she also had a bread stick with it every day, and there were only three kinds of soup. My boss didn't want to make a scene about it and deal with the fallout, but he wasn't there and I wasn't going to be there for long so I said whatever.

The next time I noticed her reaching for soup, I got to confront her and say 'You should just fill a whole bowl if you're going to pay for it anyway.'

The next minute was glorious low level revenge for all the annoyance she put everyone else through. It was just as satisfying as one could imagine it being. After I gave my notice and the manager came back, he asked me about what I said because she was mad at me all over again."

What's His Deal?
What's His Deal?

"I worked in the bar/restaurant of a small hotel with this dude who was the owner’s brother (so he knew he wouldn’t get fired no matter what). If he worked for any other person, he wouldn’t have lasted a day because he was an absolute piece of trash, both at his job and in general. First off he was the laziest guy I’ve ever worked with. The hotel was on the beach and he would literally leave in the middle of work to go surfing if the surf was good. When his brother wasn’t around, sometimes he would just lay on the ground listening to music while the rest of us worked.

The laziness was annoying enough, but on top of that he was also a total psycho. He would go back and forth between creepily hitting on me and screaming at me for random things that wasn’t my fault. He hit on me in the weirdest ways though, for example he kept saying how hot I would be if I dyed my hair black. I thought he was joking at first but he kept repeating it and even offered to buy the hair dye and do it for me. He would say gross fetishizing/stereotyping things about how much he loved Eastern European girls (which is my background but I was born and raised in America, he knew this). Also, if I got offended by any rude comment of his, he would tell me I just don’t know how to take a compliment.

The worst part though: I think he was a addict because sometimes he would leave for a couple of hours at a time and come back with this insane look in his eye, yelling about nonsense or accusing me or other employees of stealing. Once he even accused a group of CUSTOMERS of stealing drinks.

The final straw was the time he was sure I’d stolen his smokes because we smoked the same kind and he saw my pack. He started yelling at me about it in front of a very shocked group of guests.

I said something neutral back like 'No I didn’t touch your smokes, we smoke the same kind.'


There was another customer walking in at that moment and my coworker started ranting about me TO the customer. I literally quit that moment (I’d been planning to anyway for other reasons). I sent a long message to the owner explaining his brother’s behavior but I never heard back. (I feel awful for the owner actually; he was a nice enough guy and has had to deal with that psycho his whole life)"

So Two-Faced
So Two-Faced

"This one woman I worked for at (restaurant with a store) was very incompetent. She was in her early 60's and had a lisp, so corporate pitied her. This company had a ridiculously high turnover rate anyway even for the industry. She would put on the sweetest little old lady act, then turn on me in a heartbeat. She promised 20 in hours per week in the interview. I was lucky to get 12 anytime but Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter.

When I asked for more hours, I was told 'we didn't have any.'

Yet mysteriously, three new people were starting for our area the next week. We already had enough staff that always showed up to run the store, she just had a bad habit of over hiring. Out of three full-timers, only one got more than 20 hours per week. He was her little pet and loved to tattle on us, and made up bold lies.

We also had one lady who just ran her mouth nonstop. We would get in trouble if she came up and just yapped. I got into trouble for saying to another coworker that lady talks too much and I'm sick of her getting me into trouble. Naturally, the manager pulled me aside and said this lady is so sensitive and I need to be nice. When asked why she allows her to just yap away, but we get into trouble for it, she literally told me to just deal with it.

The final straw came when I was down to four hours per week, a full-time student, and she could not understand what, 'I can work anytime expect Tuesday and Thursday, I have class all day' meant. She would only schedule me on Tuesdays. After trying to tell her multiple times, and leaving notes, I went to another manager and asked him to get involved. He did and I was never scheduled again. Fortunately it wasn't much later that all those resumes I'd been submitting finally paid off."

"I Used To Cry Before Going In"
"I Used To Cry Before Going In"

"I was 17 at the time and it was my first job; I was an all-rounder at a café. The owner of the café was a creeper, and all the other girls working there knew something was up with him. He would intentionally walk past when we'd be unloading the dishwasher to cop a feel, he would get way too close when in conversation, he would just inappropriately stare at us looking up and down our bodies. He as pretty stingy, too. There was this one time I was cutting cake for a customer and he put his hand over mine to guide me as I cut the cake because apparently I was cutting the slices 'too big.' 

His rule was 'three knuckles wide,' and sold them for $7.50 totally not worth it. Anyways, he also tried asking out one of the other girls at the café- she was 15 at the time, he was 29 and already engaged. Not to mention he seriously underpaid us. No one knew who to talk to or who to report his behavior to since he was the owner. 

When I tried leaving, he tried to guilt trip me and say things like 'How could you do this to me?' and 'I've done so much for you, why are you doing this?'

The worst part of it was I had to maintain a positive relationship with him so I could use my experience at the café to get another job. My friend used to work in the shop across from me, and seeing him happy at work made me feel so miserable there, especially knowing he got paid twice as much as me for more or less the same workload. I hated it so much I used to cry before going in for my shift. I'm so glad I'm out of there now."

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