Who doesn’t love the satisfaction of giving a great gift, and showing a loved one that you put thought and care into a purchase? Gift giving for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc. can be a struggle. Finding out what your loved one’s enneagram is can be an easy way to be inspired, or get great ideas on what to gift. And don't forget about Number One! Self-care is so important, now more than ever, so let this be your formal invitation to treat yo-self.

Have you discovered your enneagram yet?? If not, take this short test to determine your enneagram number, and dive more into what each number means. (Warning: Prepare to be amazed at how well this tool will “get you”.)

Type One: The Reformer

Barefoot dream blanket

One’s tends to be very practical beings, so it’s a good idea to stay away from trendy gifts that don’t serve a purpose. For the Reformers in your life, think of something they value and give the best version of it. For example, an expensive set of linens or towels. Reformers would opt for the rational, cheaper but “good-enough” version of a set of sheets. Surprise them with an upgrade they wouldn’t buy themselves but will cherish and get good use out of. These Buffy high thread count sheets are a great gift.

Here are some great ideas to inspire gifting for the dependable One in your life.

There are coolers, and then there are YETI coolers. Not so easy on the wallet but the absolute best coolers on the market. Also: super durable and will last a lifetime. You cannot go wrong with this kind of upgrade for your One.

The coziest, most luxurious fabrics are from Barefoot Dreams. Whether it’s clothing for men, women, and children, or blankets and throws for the home, its impossible to go wrong with a gift from this company. “I got a throw for Christmas and it’s the best blanket I’ve ever owned”-- OOLA editor Nicole.

Type Two: The Helper

Personalized charcuterie board

The world needs more helpers! If you are lucky enough to be buying for the generous helper, know that you cannot go wrong here. They will feel loved, and be happy with almost anything you get them. Two’s are people pleasers and constantly worry about others and their well being. Any gift that makes them take time for themselves is a win-win. Think gift cards to the spa, or thoughtful gifts like a framed photo of loved ones, or even a family photoshoot they will cherish. Helpers also like to entertain, so gifts that inspire gatherings are also a good idea.

Here are some great ideas to inspire gifting for the loving Two in your life.

Personalized Charcuterie Plate

The combination of this functional, personalized gift with the two’s natural love for entertaining is a match made in gift-giving heaven.

Airbnb Gift Card

Gift cards may seem like taking the easy way out, but make sure you give this gift in the spirit of doing something together. Two’s love to be with loved ones, and planning a vacation together is a great gift to be enjoyed by many. (Need vacation inspo? Check out our list of Airbnb's to be inspired on your next trip with your favorite Two.)

Type Three: The Achiever

Purity coffee
Purity Coffee

Possibly the hardest enneagram to shop for, the success-driven three can be a gift-giving enigma. If they want something, they will likely just buy it themselves, and their discerning tastes make it hard to afford all their flights of fancy. Be on the safe side, treat them to a meal at a hip restaurant, or buy them the seasons “it” gift.

Here are some great ideas to inspire gifting for the hard-working Three in your life.

Not all coffee snobs are threes, but most threes are coffee snobs. Gift them the ultimate java machine, like the Automatic Coffee Machine, the Gaggia Brera. It’s a compact super-automatic espresso and coffee machine capable of making anything from espresso to cappuccino. On a budget? Try a coffee subscription, like this one from Purity Coffee.

The competitive nature of a Three will thrive off the daily sleep and fitness updates from a personal health tracker like the Garmin. Or feed a current competitive hobby with workout gear from Lululemon or a new pair of hiking boots from Keen.

Type Four: The Individualist

plates with Aztec paintings

The introspective, and sensitive type, Four’s have a reputation for being romantic, having a flair for the dramatic and at their worst, moody and temperamental. Much like Two’s, they love a sentimental gift or one that contributes to a hobby they already have. Find out what they are most interested in and think about an adjacent gift that will delight. For instance, is your four a music lover? Find a rare concert poster and have it framed, or buy a record player or new record for their collection.

Here are some other great ideas to inspire gifting for the creative Four in your life.

Inspire them to take up a new hobby! These starter kits for embroidery and/or painting can be a fun and creative outlet to discover.

It’s a well known unsubstantiated fact that fours love a good puzzle. During all our indoor time this year, we’ve discovered the website Piecework, which is stocked full of great puzzles that end up being works of art.

Type Five: The Investigator

woman on laptop

Fives love to learn; they are probably in school for their 3rd degree as we speak. These cerebral thinkers are perspective and innovative, but likely to keep to themselves, which makes them a bit of a mystery to shop for. Tap into their love of learning and researching with gifts that invoke their inner curiosity. Think, gifting classes, like an Italian cooking course and a cookbook to complement, or tennis lessons and a new racket.

Here are some other great ideas to inspire gifting for the innovative Five in your life.

A subscription to the New York Times, Audible, or a favorite magazine like Real Simple, or Architectural Digest.

Five’s love being introspective, so giving a gift like Ancestry.com lets them geek out on exploring their family history and learn more about themselves.

Type Six: The Loyalist

woman laying on couch

The ever-practical, responsible, and conservative six enjoy gifts that encourage relaxation and a (small) break from reality. Take them on an adventure, but make sure to do all the planning and leave no detail unaccounted so they can truly relax. Sixes can be seen as a stick in the mud, and they aren’t likely to be the life of the party. Instead, Sixes prefer consistency and security, so anything that enhances their safe space (their home) is always a welcome gift.

Here are some other great ideas to inspire gifting for the conservative six in your life.

A Bearaby Weighted Blanket: There are weighted blankets, and then there are the Bearaby brand weighted blankets. These anxiety-reducing blankets were probably developed by a six or with one in mind, if your special Six doesn’t have one, they need it now.

This mug says its all: The perfect planner needs a mug that speaks to them.

Give a sentimental but uplifting gift, like the Little But Fierce, gemstone necklace. Precious gemstones protect us throughout our journey, reminding us that we are our very own transformation stories. Sixes will love the story behind this line and also love a personalized birthstone.

Type Seven: The Enthusiast

MD Complete skin care product

Your most exciting friend is probably a Seven. These fun-loving creatures love gifts, so make sure to do your homework! Or forget a gift and throw them a party! You can never go wrong with lavishing a seven with attention and a good time. Sevens also love to travel, so plane tickets, planning a weekend getaway, or anything that changes up their routine will make them happy as a clam.

Here are some other great ideas to inspire gifting for the spontaneous Seven in your life.

Skincare, makeup, or anything that helps Sevens look their best will be a sure hit. Our newest skincare crush MD Complete has an amazing complexion booster approved by your humble author, who is also a seven.

Shopping is very close to most sevens heart. Being in style, and turning heads comes with the territory. Snag a gift card to their favorite store, and they will love shopping till they drop. Brands like Lulu’s allow sevens to go retail therapy crazy-- and on a budget.

Type Eight: The Challenger

Scrabble set

Your last heated discussion about politics was likely with an eight. These dominating, self-confident beings don’t shy away from confrontation and love a good battle of wits. Don’t worry, they just like the sport of arguing, and are actually quite fun to be around. As kids, Eights had their Christmas lists made by Halloween, so they likely know what they want. Since they hold gift-receiving in high regard, you are best off to straight ask them what they want than playing a guessing game and throwing money at any gift. If you want the element of surprise, always go with practical gifts like something from the Amazon smart home line. (because if they hate it, they can surely return, and find something* on Amazon their heart desires).

Here are some other great ideas to inspire gifting for the know-it-all Eight in your life.

A Grove Subscription Box is the perfect gift for an Eight. The way it works is, Grove’s flexible recurring shipment service delivers only the best natural products each month. That means your Eight will be able to _control _the frequency and products they are sent, and the products are all top of the line in non-toxic home care essentials.

The Scrabble Luxury Edition combines a design-forward aesthetic with one of the most practical and fun games to have on hand. This type of practical but fun gift is sure to delight your hard to please Eight.

Type Nine: The Peacemaker

bath bomb gift box

Finally, an easy-going type that will love almost anything you get them. Nine’s are the most agreeable Enneagram type and will appreciate the thoughtfulness of any gift you give them. If you want to be extra extra to your special Nine, take our advice on how best to shop for them. Nine’s are know for having lots of hobbies and enjoy a variety of gifts that bring them comfort, so think along the lines of a spa gift set, or compliment an existing hobby.

Here are some other great ideas to inspire gifting for the loveable Nine in your life.

Who doesn’t want to sleep better? The Dohn White Noise Machine is a great gift to help you sleep faster with its soothing background noise.

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