Finding a sympathy gift for a friend or family member who has lost a loved one can be a delicate matter. Flowers are typically a reliable option when it comes to gifting the bereaved, as some specific flowers symbolize expressions that are difficult for most to say.

While you may not know exactly what to say to a grieving friend, one of the best things you can do is just be supportive. Although flowers can add warmth and beauty to a somber occasion, their comforting existence is short-lived. For those seeking unique and thoughtful sympathy gifts that aren't flowers, we've compiled a tasteful collection that will help your loved ones move forward instead of just moving on.

1. Willow Tree

willow tree guardian

You may have come across Willow Tree's line of figurative sculptures before. The handmade carvings are rather simple, yet tremendously instrumental in the way that they evoke emotion or spark memories amongst those observing them. The tender moment in Willow Tree Guardian, as shown above, can be interpreted in many ways, either celebratory or somber. But what's more certain, the child in the woman's arms is loved.

Choose from countless Willow Tree figurines depicting relationships between parent and child, siblings, husband and wife, grandparents, angels, and pets.

2. Succulent Gift Box

succulent gift box

The presence of a single precious succulent nestled in a ceramic pot surrounds those with tranquility and peace in their time of need. The candle's warmth and light signify the cherished memories of the lost lives that still burn bright in our hearts. Gift this unique and thoughtful sympathy gift to a friend our loved one along with the vibrantly colorful, “A beautiful soul is never forgotten," sympathy greeting card.

3. Remembrance Fairy

remembrance fairy

Although mere peg dolls, these remembrance fairies offer a soft, tender touch where needed, anytime, anywhere. Subtle and precious, the remembrance fairy will outlast any flower, making it the perfect gift of remembrance. Given its small size and sturdiness, the peg doll is a wonderful memorial gift for children as it can be taken everywhere.

Choose from a wide selection of remembrance fairies from LottyLollipop Etsy shop. Customize your fairy's hair and skin color. You may also choose whether or not to add an optional wire-name of the departed.

4. Spoonful Of Comfort

spoonful of comfort

One way you can help or show your support to a grieving friend or loved one is to prepare, arrange, or deliver a sympathy meal. It takes the burden off of the bereaved by offering food and allows them more time to focus on other priorities.

Spoonful Of Comfort is a convenient and thoughtful service that makes it easier for everyone by getting care packages to their destinations quicker. When you send a Spoonful Of Comfort package to a grieving loved one, they'll receive 64 ounces jar of soup (about four to six servings) with a ladle, half dozen bacci rolls, half dozen cookies, and a personalized notecard.

Additionally, along with the meal, you can send your friends and loved ones, honey and dipper, a cozy throw, and a heartfelt promise (poem).

5. Fingerprint Jewelry

fingerprint jewelry

Guaranteed to have the recipient shedding tears of love, this one-of-a-kind custom memorial jewelry by CaitlynMinimalist will be cherished forever. Fingerprints or handwriting can be engraved on your choice of sterling silver, 18K gold, or rose gold for a beautifully thoughtful sympathy gift.

To learn more about how to acquire the best fingerprint and handwriting samples for your jewelry piece, visit CaitlynMinimalist policies.

6. Memorial Birdfeeder

memorial birdfeeder

They say when a cardinal appears in your yard, it's a visitor from heaven. What better way to let the grieving know that their loved one is always with them, by offering this stunning memorial birdhouse. This beautiful handmade birch memorial birdfeeder by SeedandStory is a truly thoughtful and unique sympathy gift that will serve as a shining and cheerful reminder that their loved ones are always near.

7. Soundwave Art

soundwave art

For most, we take those countless voicemails and the many, "I love yous!" for granted. Don't think for one second that you wouldn't give anything in the world, to have one recording to play repeatedly, just to hear that one voice again, from that one person if you were ever to lose it.

Everyone feels this way. Wouldn't it be wonderful to capture those meaningful soundwaves and transform them into a printed keepsake to display in our home? Through ThoughtfulKeepsakeCo you can purchase one of the most unique sympathy gifts, a framed minimal soundwave art piece that will be cherished forever.

8. Handwritten Recipe Memorial

handwritten recipe memorial

There is one treasured recipe for many families that makes an appearance come the holidays or any special family gathering. Suppose that recipe is usually prepared by an individual that has passed. In that case, this handwritten recipe memorial by phpottery will make an outstandingly thoughtful sympathy gift that will be appreciated by the entire family for many years to come.

9. Memorial Throw Blanket

memorial blanket

There is nothing more relaxing than cozying up on the couch with a soft plush blanket, and a warm cup of tea, late at night with a good book. That is why; this practical personalized memorial throw blanket is always guaranteed to be there for their comfort. This memorial blanket from SayitWithYourWords comes complete with the recipient's name or the name of the deceased with a heartfelt message printed directly on the throw.

10. Photo Memorial Lantern

photo memorial lantern

Offer the grieving the gift of light with this lovely metal memorial lantern in your choice of either black or white that features two photo options and a beautiful heartfelt poem.

"Those we love don't go away. They walk beside us every day. Unseen, Unheard, but always near. So loved, So missed and very dear."

11. Paint Your Life

Creatively memorialize lost loved ones with a gorgeously life-like custom hand-painted portrait. Simply choose a photo of the deceased, and the artists at Paint Your Life will recreate your detailed recreation to help with your loved ones' healing process.

Include other family members or friends in the portrait for an added sentimental touch for a truly remarkable keepsake that will leave them speechless.

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