Forgotten Disney Movies to Watch With the Whole Family

Honey I Shrunk The Kids

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Professor Wayne Szalinski is a little quirky, considered the oddball of the neighborhood and amongst his colleagues. Yet, the professor is determined to make his state-of-the-art matter-shrinking machine work no matter what anyone thinks! Surprisingly, his teenage children and a couple of neighbor kids find the unusual solution to what makes the shrinker operate, but accidentally get zapped in the process to a minuscule size without anyone knowing. Now the kids must outrun danger at every turn as they race back to safety to re-turn back to their normal size.

Homeward Bound - The Incredible Journey

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An exciting story about two dogs and a pampered cat, Homeward Bound will have you rethinking leaving your furry friends behind at home. At least in Shadow, Sassy, and Chance's situation, they concluded that they were abandoned by the pet sitter when they disappeared on an errand. The three family pets set out on a wild adventure across the Sierra Nevada in hopes of finding their way back home to their owners. Watch as Chance, Shadow, and Sassy bravely escape danger in the wilderness, from brown bears, mountain lions, and being caught by a local animal shelter!

The Parent Trap

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Suppose you've seen the newer version of The Parent Trap starring Lindsey Lohan in 1998. In that case, you'll undoubtedly adore the classic version from 1961 starring Haley Mills. We may remember her best as Miss Bliss from Saved by the Bell, but Mills graced the screen in several family favorites, from the beloved Pollyanna to That Darn Cat!

Like Lindsey Lohan, Haley Mills plays dual roles, two teenage twins who meet at a sleep-away summer camp. Unknown to their estranged divorced parents, the two girls hilariously swap places, hoping to meet the parents they never knew while learning about each other's lives.

Cool Runnings

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Starring the esteemed late John Candy, Cool Runnings tells the heartwarming story of a Jamaican sprinter who has dedicated his life to attending the summer Olympic Games, only to become disqualified when a fellow runner accidentally knocks him down during the qualification race.

This unfortunate event doesn't stop Derice from finding a way to get to the Olympic games. But, can his talent for running be combined with another sport? Derice enlists the help of an American bobsled medallist Irv Blitzer and forms the first-ever Jamaican bobsled team, making his dreams of attending the Olympics games come true.

Escape to Witch Mountain

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The classic 1975 sci-fi thriller, Escape to Witch Moutain, focuses on the mysterious orphaned brother and sister, Tony and Tia. The children have extraordinary psychic powers that catch an evil villain's attention. He'll stop at nothing to try and kidnap the children and exploit their unique abilities for financial gain.

Convinced that Witch Moutain is where they must head, Tony and Tia hide and conspire with friends to protect themselves and their powers from evil. It's a race to the top of Witch Moutain, home to unexplainable phenomena.

Old Yeller

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Old Yeller is an unforgettable film about a boy and his dog. Old Yeller, a stray yellow labrador retriever mix, proves himself to be more than just any old dog. He earns the family's affection through his constant loyalness and bravery, by protecting the family's farm, and saving his best friend's life.

This timeless Disney classic depicts compelling emotions of hope, friendship, and, most of all, love.


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Revisit the heartwarming, sunshiney classic film Pollyanna starring Haley Mills. Pollyanna, a selfless orphaned girl, happily transitions to living with her wealthy unmarried distant-like aunt without a fuss. Pollyanna learns to adjust to her new life, remaining positive and happy each day, touching the lives of every person she meets along the way. She teaches others her brilliant technique to finding happiness no matter what life brings: the glad game, a reminder always to find reasons for gratitude.

Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken

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Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken tells the unforgettable true tale of orphaned Sonora Webster's gutsy determination to be a high-diving star in a traveling diving horse show. Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken celebrates strong independent females who stay motivated and inspired no matter what they may face during life's journey.

The Mighty Ducks

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The youth sports miracle story isn't a fresh idea on the scene, however, The Mighty Ducks holds a special place in many of our hearts. Michael J. Fox plays a lawyer sentenced to community service as a youth hockey coach. Of course, the team is a mess, and the story follows the team's unexpected rise to greatness. The '90s brought us three Mighty Ducks movies in total, however, the original is by far the best of the series.

Swiss Family Robinson

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If anything has withstood the test of time, it's Swiss Family Robinson from 1960. Watch and delight over all the unique solutions this family comes up with when their ship crashes and leaves them deserted on a tropical island with ruthless pirates as their only company. All of the exciting household inventions add a fun and unique touch to this classic film. Starring John Mills and Dorothy Mcguire, Swiss Family Robinson is sure to be a hit on family movie night.