When we first heard about the concept of a brunch wedding, we were immediately intrigued. After all, who doesn’t love everything about brunch?!

But the more we read up on brunch weddings, the more we realized that these late-morning, early-afternoon bridal bangers have the potential to be absolutely AWESOME. Mimosas and doughnuts after the vows? Count us in!

Though not for every couple, there are certain couples who may find that a brunch wedding is more their style—and more within their budget. Weddings that do not take place during peak hours or on peak days are more likely to have a lower price tag, which is a factor that many couples need to take into account when planning out the day they say their “I Do’s.”

At any rate, if you’re thinking about planning a brunch wedding, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled some absolutely awesome ideas for you to make your special day the brunchiest one ever. Here are some brunch wedding ideas that we LOVE.

Set Up a Mimosa Bar

mimosa bar set up

If you’re gonna have a bar at a brunch wedding, make it a mimosa bar! There are so many different ways to make this a fun set-up for your guests. You can either have professional bartenders mixing the mimosas, or you can do a DIY situation if you want a more casual feel.

In addition to the traditional orange juice mixer, here are some of the other juices we recommend:

  • Peach nectar
  • Mango juice
  • Pineapple juice
  • Cranberry juice
  • Watermelon juice
  • Pomegranate juice
  • Strawberry purée

Have a variety of available garnishes, such as strawberries, blueberries, and mint leaves, for people to drop into their handcrafted mimosas. Yes, please!

Include Lawn Games

giant outdoor block game

With a brunch wedding, you may or may not want to offer dancing. Let’s be honest, not everybody is going to look good getting crunk on the dance floor at noon.

If you want some more tame activities, we highly recommend lawn games! This is a fun way for guests to bond with each other and blow off some of that mid-morning mimosa energy. What kind of giant lawn games? Think giant Jenga, ring toss, corn hole, Bocce Ball, and croquet. Pinkies up!

Take Advantage of a More Casual Dress Code

young couple casually dressed for a wedding

Because your wedding won’t be taking place at night, a more casual dress code is often in the cards for these types of weddings. This gives your guest a whole range of fun options. Think bright colors, picnic-inspired dresses, barefoot attire, and/or shorts.

Of course, as the bride, you always have the option of choosing a more casual dress for your brunch wedding. Think knee-length, peasant sleeves, or tea dresses. How fun!

Include a Coffee Cart

bicycle coffee cart

But first, coffee! Who doesn’t love the idea of including a coffee cart for a brunch wedding? The cart could be set up at the entrance of the ceremony, so guests can sip on their java while you say your vows.

You could also keep it simple with a self-serve drip coffee station, or go a little more involved with a custom, made-to-order espresso bar—complete with baristas. Either way, your guests will have coffee, which is all that matters at a brunch wedding. Hey, there’s no better way to espresso your love, right?!

Make a Wedding Cake Out of Waffles

waffle cake

Because brunch weddings aren’t the norm, many traditional wedding items, such as a “traditional wedding cake,” fall by the wayside.

What would be a cuter wedding cake idea than to make it out of waffles? You and your new spouse could enjoy a few blissful bites before passing it off to your guests to enjoy this sweet brunch dessert. Talk about waffley wedded!

Create a Doughnut Bar

Flat lay of a group of mixed donuts being enjoyed at a dinner party

It’s a brunch wedding, so there are no rules. Why not throw a doughnut bar in for guests? This can either be a part of the overall brunch meal, or it can be a post-brunch dessert option for hungry wedding guests.

You could do a custom mini-doughnut bar with an attendant, or a self-serve doughnut bar sourced with doughnuts from a big box store. Either way, we doughnut know what we would do without this option at our brunch wedding!

Make Cool Morning Themed Programs

brunch wedding programs in a basket

Interested in handing out wedding programs to your guests? Why not make them morning newspaper-themed? Your guests will certainly appreciate the information and the novelty of the program. Hey, you might as well throw a crossword puzzle or two in there, as well!

Give out Personalized Brunch-Themed Favors

homemade jam wedding favors

We’re so into this brunch theme, we just figured that we’d make the favors on brand, too! There are so many different options for fun, inexpensive brunch-themed favors. One of our favorite ideas is to give personalized, mini bags of coffee to each of your guests. The bags can be personalized with your wedding date, a picture of the two of you, or a favorite quote of yours. Throw in your favorite coffee blend, package it up, and let your guests enjoy the sweet, sweet nectar—the morning after the wedding.

Another cute idea for a brunch-themed favor is to give out personalized jam jars to your guests. OMG, we’re obsessed!

So, if you and your spouse-to-be go together like bacon and eggs or jam and toast, you may want to consider a brunch wedding. There are so many different reasons to do so—from having a more unique wedding experience to saving money by not hosting a wedding during peak times. Or, if you just love brunch food so much that you can’t help but incorporate it into the day where you commit your lives to each other. Hey, we totally get it!

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