So, you just got engaged? Congratulations! Now comes the fun part: asking your best friends to be your bridesmaids.

Bridesmaids proposals have skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years, and it’s easy to see why. Pulling off a perfect bridesmaid proposal is the perfect way to show your best friends that you care about them, and that you truly want them standing next to you on your special day.

Plus, pulling off a perfect bridesmaid proposal is a great way to let your friends know how much you value their future role as a bridesmaid during your wedding. After all, being a bridesmaid is no easy feat! Bridesmaids are often expected to organize a bachelorette party, bridal shower, help decorate, be involved with the planning of the rehearsal dinner, and help the bride with anything else she may need on her special day.


Well, these are just more reasons why you should make your bridesmaid proposal the best one ever. Here are some bridesmaid proposal ideas that your friends will absolutely love.

Gift Them a Personalized Puzzle

Couple in love sitting on the floor next to a table, solving a jigsaw puzzle problem and enjoying their leisure time activities

Is your bestie a total puzzle nerd? Well, then we think you should ask her to be your bridesmaid by giving her a personalized puzzle!

There are several different companies that offer personalized puzzles, such as Shutterfly and PuzzleYou. These companies allow you to upload your own designs, and then they’ll ship you the final product as a disassembled puzzle! If you don’t have a lot of design skills, we recommend hopping over to Canva and putting together a picture collage of you and your bestie with one of their easy-to-use templates.

Don’t forget to add the “will you be my bridesmaid?” phrase to the final design, though! We’re sure your bestie will love to get a puzzle from you, but she’ll need to be able to piece together the reason that you’re giving it to her.

After all, she’s the missing puzzle piece to your special day!

Take Her Out to Brunch

Two pretty best friend girls enjoy their lunch together in cute cafe, smiling speaking and gossip, bright clothes sunglasses, jewelry and accessorizes. portrait of women taking breakfast

Brunch is already, like, the best meal ever...but you’re going to make it even better by asking your BFF to be a part of your special day.

There are a couple of different ways in which you could propose to your bestie at brunch, so just hear us out. The first option is to call the restaurant ahead of time to let them know what you’re planning. You can either ask them to do something fun like spell out “Bridesmaid?” with whipped cream on pancakes, or you could ask them to bring out “Bridesmaid?” balloons with your mimosas.

The second option would be for you to give her a “bridesmaid” themed gift at brunch, to add an extra layer of fun for her. Think custom mimosa flute, custom bottle of champagne, or a fun new tank top. We love it!

Watch Bridesmaids Together

This isn’t the most subtle way to ask somebody to be a bridesmaid, but it’s one of our favorite ways, because, duh...we LOVE this movie! Invite your bestie over for a movie night filled with popcorn and drinks. At the end of the movie, turn to her and pop the question...and then do an epic singalong to “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips. Come on, that’s the best part of the movie!

Give Her a Thoughtful Card

Restful young woman with cup of drink reading greeting-card

Sometimes, simple is best. There’s nothing wrong with asking your best friend to be your bridesmaid by giving her a thoughtful card. Some of the things you may want to touch on in your card are why you want her to be a part of your special day, reasons you love her, and a special story or moment between the two of you. You’d be surprised at how fast a good card will make a person say yes!

Print Your Own Custom Wine Label

Closeup of Wine black bottle mockup on a dark desk and background. Empty blank paper label template to insert your brand or design

If you and your bestie love drinking wine together (and who doesn’t?!), creating a custom wine label is a great way to ask her to be your bridesmaid. You can DIY this pretty easily on Canva, or you can hire an artist on Etsy to make one for you. Either way, custom wine labels easily slip over your favorite bottle of wine and are, generally, a pretty low-stress gift.

Plus, how fun does the proposal sound? Your bestie will come over for what she thinks is a regular wine night, but she’ll soon be pleasantly surprised with an invitation to be your bridesmaid. Wine not?

Send Her on a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunt this way signpost in lush forest woodland

Does your bestie love games and adventures? If so, a scavenger hunt may be the best route for you to propose to her! Put together a fun afternoon of clues and games that will lead up to the ultimate gift: a bridesmaid proposal!

Need some ideas of where to go or what types of clues to give? Try thinking about special moments or inside jokes between the two of you. Have a favorite restaurant that you love to get happy hour at together? That should be one of your stops? Have a favorite song that you both love to sing at karaoke? That should be one of the clues. The sky’s the limit, girl!

Give Her a Gift Box

Young woman placing handmade organic soaps, bath salts, sponge with brush and assortment of bath bombs into bridesmaid gift box set. Concept of beauty treatment gift boxes for women to make her day

This is the most classic way to propose to your bridesmaids because these gift boxes can be completely customized to reflect the different relationships you have with your different bridesmaids.

There are so many different things you can put inside of a bridesmaid proposal gift box! For a classy box, throw in a miniature bottle of champagne, some chocolate bars, a custom champagne glass, and a thoughtful card. For a fun box, throw in a miniature bottle of tequila, some custom shot glasses, plans for a beach day, and a thoughtful card. For anything in between, there are so many different options!

So, there you have it...nine different ways to propose to your bridesmaids! Rest assured that, no matter how you ask your bridesmaids, they will be absolutely touched that you thought of them. At the end of the day, all that matters is that you have your best girls by your side when you say your vows. After all, where would you be without them?!

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