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Convenient, easy, fresh, and healthy—those are just some of the reasons why I love my AeroGarden. For the uninitiated, it's basically an indoor garden that lets you grow herbs, greens, veggies, and flowers at home.

Once, I complained to my sister that my herbs weren't growing. "Do you have them in the right environment?" she asked. Turns out, I did not (they were on the north side of my house). AeroGarden takes the guesswork out of growing by providing the right environment for plants. Whether you're a complete noob or a seasoned expert, AeroGarden is a great way to successfully grow plants from seed to harvest—any time of year. (Hint: AeroGarden also makes a great Mother's Day present!)

How it Works

Simply insert the seed pods into the garden, add water, and feed with liquid nutrients. Don't worry, the lights are automatic and it reminds you when it's time for more water and nutrients.

Fresh Herbs at Your Fingertips

Young smiling woman growing fresh herbs at home, she is holding a plant of basil and smelling it

I live out in the country, so the biggest selling point for me is having fresh herbs available whenever needed. Imagine having fresh basil and tomato on your Margherita pizza, just-picked cilantro on top of tacos, and a salad made of greens from your very own garden!


Green Carbon Foot Print Concept

Not having to make that trip to the store reduces your carbon footprint. Growing your own herbs and veggies aeroponically at home in an energy-efficient AeroGarden keeps it as local as can be. Not only that, but it also uses less plastic, since you don't have to grab a produce bag at the store.

Plus, let's be real, herbs may be super affordable, but a lot of them go to waste when you're forced to buy way more than necessary. Not so with AeroGarden—simply snip as much as you need and enjoy!

Black-Thumb Proof

Green dead plant in potted. Studio shot isolated on white background.

My mama had upwards of 20 fake plants at her house (indoor and out!) so as you can imagine, I did not grow up with a green thumb. However, AeroGarden is totally fool-proof, dummy-proof, and black-thumb-proof.

A friend recently gave me a basil plant for my birthday. Guess what happened when I left for my sister's for a week? Bye, bye basil! AeroGarden is so. much. easier. than growing plants in a pot and having to remember to water them. Plus, most AeroGardens, like Harvest Elites, Bounties, and Farms have Vacation Mode to help keep your plants alive while you're away.

AeroGarden also has a Germination Guarantee. If any pod fails to sprout after 21 days, AeroGarden will replace it.

No Herbicides, No Pesticides, & Non-GMO Seeds

Healthy eating, vegetarian diet, eco veggies. Free from pesticide and herbicide foods, organic farming products, natural agriculture methods concept. Bright vibrant violet vector isolated illustration

With AeroGarden, you don't have to worry about your herbs being sprayed with lord-knows-what chemicals. Did you know that the way we farm causes our food to be stripped of vitamins and nutrients? It's called soil depletion. However, AeroGrown produce has more antioxidants, phytonutrients, and vitamins than most of their "certified organic" storebought counterparts.

You don't have to worry about GMOs, either. According to AeroGarden, "seeds are sourced from large and small vendors from around the world. Many are heirloom seeds, organic sources are chosen when available, and GMO seeds are never used."

Fresh Tastes Better

Woman eating salad. Portrait of beautiful smiling and happy mixed Asian Caucasian woman enjoying a healthy salad and cherry tomatoes snack.

Maybe it's the shorter trip the produce makes from plant to plate, or maybe its the satisfaction of growing your own food, but herbs and veggies from the AeroGarden just taste better than from the supermarket, IMO.

Grows 5x Faster Than Soil


Say what? You read that right! Seeds start germinating within a couple of weeks, are ready to harvest in about a month, and last about six months.

What You Can Grow

flowers and herbs you can grow in your aerogarden

AeroGarden offers seed kits for everything from peppers to petunias. There's also Grow Anything Kits that let you sow whatever seed you fancy.

This ain't your garden variety herb garden kit. So what are you waiting for? Get AeroGardening today!

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