The road to weight loss success can be a long and challenging journey. More often than not, we'll change our course many times in hopes of finding the right path that will lead us to our ideal destination. Continually changing directions can be tiring, stress-inducing, and defeating.

Yet, what if you could reach your weight loss goals with a quicker, more manageable plan? Enter the DoFasting app, the game-changing approach to losing weight with intermittent fasting. Find out which type of fasting is right for you today!

What is DoFasting?

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If you're stuck on the endless road of dieting, you're not alone. You can end that cycle now with DoFasting, the intermittent fasting app. The easy-to-use app offers more than your standard one-size-fits-all diet. Instead, DoFasting introduces users to intermittent fasting (IF), a helpful eating pattern that cycles between periods of fasting and eating.

It's time to toss regimented and restrictive diets out the door. DoFasting won't restrict what you should eat. Rather, it assists you in knowing the best times to eat.

DoFasting understands that not everyone can stick to the same regimen. DoFasting offers several intermittent fasting options that will work with individual lifestyles, needs, and goals. Find out which kind of fasting is right for you by taking DoFasting's free quiz.

Reaching your Weight Loss Goals With the DoFasting App

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No one said losing weight was easy. But, DoFasting definitely makes it easier. You can count on DoFasting to be by your side every step of the way as your personal weight-loss coach in your journey to health.

Customized Daily Fasting Schedule

DoFasting provides a customized daily fasting schedule tailored to your lifestyle, needs, and goals. Find out which fasting schedule is right for you by taking the quiz here.

Stay on track with a fasting timer that provides users with an eating and fasting window for convenience. Tap on the eating window within the intermittent fasting app and learn about the different fasting states.

DoFasting outlines what's happening with your body, along with the benefits of fasting with each fasting state.

Challenge Mode

Far from a simple fasting timer, the DoFasting app features an interactive challenge mode that encourages its users to stay accountable, adopt healthier eating habits, have more active lifestyles, and remain focused on their overall goal.

Choose from 7, 14, or 28-day challenges that include a daily agenda, practical tips for staying on track, and rich insider educational content that'll help you be more successful with intermittent fasting.

Challenge yourself by downloading the DoFasting app and choosing the challenge mode that is right for you!

DoFasting’s Daily Plan

When you log in to your DoFasting app you'll be greeted with your daily plan, which features a checklist:

  • Current Weight: Track your weight loss progress by weighing yourself every day.
  • Water Intake: DoFasting also reminds you to drink more water—68 ounces per day, to be precise. No need to download a separate water tracking app, DoFasting has you covered!
  • Reach Steps Goal: DoFasting wants you to incorporate more movement into your day. Inadequate physical activity can lead to poor health.
  • Log Your Calories: Intermittent fasting doesn't mean restriction or starvation; it merely means shifting your eating patterns. DoFasting encourages a balanced healthy diet with daily calorie counting.

DoFasting Recipes

DoFasting provides an extensive collection of healthy balanced meals chosen by professional nutritionists to be incorporated into your weight-loss journey. Users can also just about any diet under the sun on the DoFasting app—including Keto, Paleo, Meditteranean, vegetarian, and more.

Find all the diets in the DoFasting app under Meals > Settings > Diet type. Discover delicious meals that take under 10 minutes or less to prepare. Some of our favorites include egg salad wraps with avocado, smoked salmon salad, and blueberry and raspberry smoothies.

DoFasting Workouts

Let the gym come to you with the DoFasting app. Choose your fitness level, then select how many days you'd like to work out during the week. DoFasting will provide a professionally visualized fitness routine. Tone up with only 10 to 30 minutes a day.

Get started with intermittent fasting and enjoy all of the incredible benefits of DoFasting by signing up today.

Types of Intermittent Fasting with DoFasting: Which is Best for You?

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DoFasting knows how frustrating it can be to reach your weight loss goal. That's why they want to help you find the right way to fast intermittently for you. When you find the right fasting method with DoFasting, sticking with your goals will be easier and more manageable.

The 12-Hour Fast

The 12-hour fast is considered the most beginner-friendly out of all of the fasting methods. Start by eating your meals within the first 12 hours of the day and then abstaining from food for the remaining 12 hours. For example, eat three meals between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Begin your fast between 8 p.m. ending at 8 a.m. Once you've mastered the 12-hour fast, you can graduate to the 16:8 fasting method.

16:8 Fasting Method

The 16:8 fasting method takes slightly more perseverance than the 12-hour fast. You'll fast 16 hours and have an 8-hour window for eating. For example, plan to eat your meals between 11am to 7pm. This plan encourages a diet rich in high-protein foods and consuming carbohydrates on rotation.

5:2 Fasting

The 5:2 diet recommends that users normally eat for five days then switch to a 500-600 calorie diet for the remaining two days.

The Warrior Diet

The 20-hour fasting method, or the Warrior Diet, may not be the best option for beginners. DoFasting describes the Warrior Diet as one of the oldest fasting methods that is known to produce impressive results when users have followed it for a week or two.

The Warrior Diet allows for small portions of certain food types at dinner and encourages the user to workout during that time. There is a feeding window at the end of the day.


One Meal a Day (OMAD), aka the 23:1 method, encourages users to choose one meal. One meal will tide you over until your next at that same time the following day.

Random Meal Skipping

Reduce your calorie intake by choosing to skip random meals once or twice throughout the week.

Alternate Day Fasting

Fast every second day with alternate-day fasting.

Choosing the right fasting method can be confusing, but the DoFasting app will set you on the road to success with a fasting method that suits your lifestyle the best. Take the free 60-second DoFasting quiz and find out which intermittent fasting plan is best for you!

The Bottom Line

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If you're serious about weight loss and tired of gimmicky diets, then DoFasting is here to help. Discover a fasting method that is right for you and stick with it using DoFasting's life-changing weight loss app.

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