Using a napkin to dab grease off a slice of pizza is a bold move. Everyone is entitled to their own pizza-eating habits, but it seems those who engage in this act are judged, made fun of, or are on the receiving end of some mean side-eye. But, don't shun these pizza-blotters just yet.

A recent study performed by LabDoor magazine looked at a slice of pepperoni pizza from Domino's. The regular greasy slice had about 117 calories, whereas the slice that was dabbed with a napkin only had 76 calories. That's a difference of 41 calories! 

The average American eats 23 pounds of pizza a year (gross.) If you were to dab the oil and grease off of every slice you eat, you could save yourself two pounds! We know, that's not a huge number, but it just goes to show that even small changes can have an impact on your diet and your overall health.

Are you a pizza-blotter? Are you going to become one now?