The only thing that could make popcorn even more awesome would be if you could eat it off of a cob. Farmhouse Delivery shows us how in this video tutorial. In case you missed any of the steps, here they are:

1. Remove silks from corn. Make sure that this is a Popcorn cob and not a normal cob of corn. This means the cob should be composed of dry kernels.

2. Spread butter (or oil) over the Popcorn cob.

3. Place the cob in a paper bag. Fold or pinch the open end.

4. Place the bag with the corn in another paper bag.

5. Put the bags in the microwave at 50-75% power. Set the timer for 4 minutes.

6. Separate the bags over a bowl (careful, extremely hot!), and enjoy!

What do you think of Popcorn on the cob?