The holiday season is fast approaching, which means one thing: food and lots of it. Turkey, eggnog, and cookies, tons of cookies. For those who love baking, cookie decorating can be an enjoyable art form. But for those who didn't get the cookie-making gene, this task can be very daunting and stressful. Not only do you have to bake the cookies for quite a few judgmental people (in-laws, coworkers, your mother), but then you have to decorate them, which creates another problem in itself. If most of your cookies end up looking rather unappetizing, don't run to the store for boring store-bought cookies just yet. There's hope.

You can now make super awesome cookies with zero effort and zero skill. Okay well it takes a little effort and skill, but a very minimal amount thanks to the embossed rolling pin! The rolling pin has indentations cut into the wood in different shapes and designs. All you have to do is roll the pin over your dough, use cookies cutters to cut out cool shapes, and bake the cookies.

Ta-da! Don't these cookies look legit af?! And they only took maybe 3 minutes to prepare (plus baking time.) There are so many different designs you can bake festive cookies for every occasion!

Check out the DoughRoller at for more beautiful designs!