Mother's Day is just around the corner, and if you don't have a gift yet you're probably starting to panic. But fear not, getting your mom the perfect gift doesn't have to be difficult or stressful. If you're still searching for something to give, try putting together a gift basket based on your mom's interests and favorite things.

makeup brushes and palettes
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Beauty Basket

For the glam moms out there, putting together a basket that allows her to look amazing is a great gift option. Fill the basket with her favorite beauty products -- perfumes, lotions, her favorite makeup, a hair brush, makeup brushes etc.

strawberry cocktails with straws on wood surface with cocktail shaker

Cocktail Basket

Grab all the ingredients to your mom's favorite cocktails and arrange them into a cute boozy basket. You can include everything from champagne and juice for mimosas to red wine and fruits for sangria. If there's space, include glasses and cocktail shakers. Because some of these ingredients require refrigeration, put the basket together right before you give it to your mom.

kitchen utensils scattered on a wooden surface

Kitchen Basket

For the mom who loves to cook, making a kitchen-centric basket is a great way to give her everything she needs. Pack in some oven mitts, spatulas, wooden spoons, whisks, recipe cards, scented hand soap, decorative towels or napkins and anything else she can use for cooking or decorating the kitchen. For a creative approach to packaging, you can forget the basket and instead arrange everything inside an oven mitt and tie it off with a cute bow.

spa supplies laid out on a white wooden surface

Spa Basket

If you want your mom to treat herself, the go-to gift basket to create contains everything she needs to an at-home spa day. Give her a bar of soap, bath bombs, face masks, a body sponge, a cute towel, some candles of her favorite scents and essential oils.

Be sure to give her everything she needs for her spa day -- if you want the basket to be focused on manicures or pedicures, include different nail polishes, nail polish remover and pumice stone scrubs. If you want a to give her a relaxing soak, make everything bath-orientated.

jar of yogurt parfait on wooden surface

Treat Basket

Make a basket that's filled with your mom's favorite snacks. You can stuff in her favorite candies or jars of cookie mix or brownie batter for ready-to-bake desserts. You can also create a basket specific for a certain treat -- for example, a sundae basket filled with hot fudge, graham crackers, toppings and syrups. If she loves coffee, get her bags of different blends, her go-to sweetener and a cute mug.

wine and cheese on a serving platter

Wine And Cheese Basket

If your mom is a wine lover, a wine pairings basket is simple to throw together. Be sure to include a bottle of red wine and white wine and their respective pairings -- assorted cheeses, salamis, chocolates and crackers to cleanse her palate. Be sure that each item of food is labeled to its corresponding wine so she doesn't end up nibbling on mozzarella with her merlot.

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