Avocados have become a popular superfood in recent years because of their nutritional benefits, their use in cooking and baking and their prevalence as a spread on toast. Unfortunately, as more and more people cook with this fruit, a number of cases known as the "avocado hand" have vastly increased.

Avocado hand is when you use a knife to remove the seed from an avocado and accidentally cut your hand. But while using a spoon might be the safer option, you risk tearing up and smashing your avocado. Don't let the fear of avocado hand deter you from using a knife. We've found the best way to remove the seed from an avocado without cutting your hand. Check it out below.

How To Avoid Avocado Hand

avocado split in half with the pit

When it comes to removing avocado pits, a sharp knife, a slow technique, and a clean cooking area will lead to a safe and efficient work environment.

The Sharper The Knife, The Better

knife being sharpened on a whetstone

It's actually safer to have a sharp knife over a dull knife, as a sharp knife cuts through food with very little pressure. A dull knife requires you to put more pressure on the knife to cut through, which means if the knife slips, the pressure will cause severe injuries if you end up cutting your hand. Sharpening your blade with a honing steel or whetstone will allow you to effectively remove the seed from an avocado without putting your hand at risk.

Slow Down

couple cutting veggies on a cutting board

Take your time when cutting an avocado -- rushing to get it done faster is what often leads to unnecessary cuts and injuries. Slicing around the avocado and then striking the seed with the edge of the knife (so the seed sticks into the knife) and then pulling it out is the best way to remove the pit while avoiding avocado hand.

A Cutting Board Is Your Friend

avocado being spelled out with actual avocados

Holding the avocado in your hand seems like the natural way to do it, but that is actually the number one way to injure your hand! After cutting the avocado in half, place it on a cutting board and then pick out the seed by striking it with the side of the blade (this is where having a sharp blade will be crucial, as it will be able to stick into the seed without much effort). If you're worried about the chances of cutting yourself, use the smallest sized dinner spoon you own to scoop out the seed, as this will reduce the amount of avocado lost.

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