Weddings seem to bring out the crazy in everyone, but there's something about mothers that makes them go especially insane on the day of their child's wedding. Caterers and wedding planners usually get a front-row view of the family drama. One caterer, who we'll call Marcus, wrote an account of the mother of the bride who intentionally poisoned her soon-to-be son-in-law three weeks before the wedding. After that little dust-up, the mother got herself banned from the wedding, but that little fact didn't stop her from showing up at the reception, with murder on her mind...

Marcus had been working in the restaurant industry since he was 13 years old. When he was 16 and working as a prep cook, he met Daniel, his future business partner. Daniel was a bit older than Marcus and his father owned a catering company. After about a year of working together in the restaurant, Daniel's father passed away, so Daniel took over the reigns at the catering company and asked Marcus to come work with him because they'd become close friends. Marcus happily agreed since he'd come to view Daniel as a mentor of sorts. The clients of the catering company were all old money, blue blood types and Marcus has endless stories about their strange demands and even stranger behavior, but one client, in particular, takes the cake.

It had been a few years since Daniel took over his father's business at this point and he and Marcus had gotten into their own groove. They took on a new client and Marcus knew before they even showed up for the consultation that they were going to be trouble. First of all, the wedding planner had been changed three times before a consultation time could be arranged. In fact, Marcus and Daniel had been tempted to reject the contract because the consultation date kept getting pushed back, but they ultimately decided to stick with them.

When the day of the consultation finally arrived, the wedding planner was nowhere to be seen. Instead, the group that arrived included the bride (Brenda), the groom (Greg), the mother of the bride (Betty) and the mother of the groom (Gia). The two mothers had been friends for years and were both clearly pleased as punch that their children were tying the knot.

"The mothers of the bride and groom were the best of friends, and they were so excited they got to plan their kids' wedding together and the future of family names preserved."

They were going on so long that Daniel had to interrupt them. It wouldn't be the last time Daniel or Marcus would have to interrupt them.

Daniel interrupted the flow of maternal blabber to ask the happy couple what their culinary wants were.

"I want to know what you two want, what cuisine do you like? What style of service would you like?"

Before either Brenda or Greg could respond, Betty, the bride's mother, interjected.

"They want a full-service buffet with carving stations, hors-d'oeuvres and happy hour and the cake will be from this bakery."

"I'm sorry ma'am," Daniel said, "I thought this consultation was for the bride and groom. If you want a consultation for your own wedding, you will have to book one with my assistant."

With that, he pointed at Marcus, who was "the sacrificial lamb in these times." Marcus internally rolled his eyes, but this was the system that the two of them had come up with and it usually worked...but not this time.

With a scornful look at her daughter and soon-to-be son-in-law, Betty declared, "Excuse me, but I know more than these two kids do, I planned my wedding myself, you know."

Greg's mother, Gia, attempted to keep the peace. "Now Betty, let's just sit with the assistant, it is our kids' day and they should be choosing what they like."

Daniel, appreciative of Gia's support, threw the ladies a bone. "How about this, you two ladies can sit with my assistant and give him all the details of what you are thinking, and I will give the bride and groom a private tasting."

Betty's lips tightened, but she gave into the pressure, albeit with little grace. "Fine, but I better see every piece of paper before it's signed."

For now, the storm has been quelled, but Betty was only warming up.

Marcus took Betty and Gia to another room and began going through the motions. Though Betty was making her demands known, Marcus knew who he would be working for: Brenda and Greg.

With the mothers, Gia barely spoke the entire time and Marcus had a hard time getting a word in edgewise himself. Sprinkled throughout what was quickly becoming Betty's monologue, she would, "occasionally point out that a handsome young man such as myself shouldn't disappoint my mother when it's her time to plan my wedding. I just nodded and smiled and did my best to keep them busy while my friend got the real story from the bride and groom."

Meanwhile, in the REAL consultation, Daniel was getting down to business. He didn't mince words with them. "So," Daniel began, "I can already tell there's some tension so let me assure you that my company has nothing but the best intentions to make your wedding day as grand as you envision. You, the bride and groom, are our first priority."

Greg turned to Brenda and said, "I told you they shouldn't have come, my mom caves to her every whim, and we will get railroaded."

Brenda sighed, "I know, but I couldn't say no, she says it's her god given right to plan this and I don't know what else to do."

Daniel, really feeling for the couple who were clearly being manipulated by a pushy mother-in-law, said, "Let me assure you that my assistant is merely hearing their suggestions; this is the real consult. But, before we go further, if we cater your wedding, who will be signing and paying for our services?"

Greg answered that it would be the couple themselves, explaining that, "I won't have a dime of their money be involved with our day."

Daniel smiled. That was exactly what he wanted to hear. Too bad that the couple's financial independence wouldn't keep Betty from treating them however she pleased.

During the consultation, Greg revealed that he had an extreme peanut allergy. This normally wouldn't be much of a problem, but his future mother-in-law thought it was just a "mind over matter" situation. In her mind, if Greg would just eat more peanuts, he'd get over the allergy. In reality, if Greg so much as touched a peanut, he'd go into full anaphylactic shock. Daniel added a huge note to the paperwork to make sure not even a single nut could make its way into the food.

As the consultation was wrapping up, Daniel asked the couple if they'd like to use a password to protect their plans. That way, if someone else (cough, Betty, cough) were to try to call in and change anything, they wouldn't be able to without the password. Brenda thought that was going too far and refused it. On his way out the door, though, Greg turned to Daniel and asked him to set up the password anyway, but to keep it from the bride.

After everyone left, Daniel and Marcus compared notes and, surprise surprise, the mothers (Betty) had a totally different vision of how the reception would go than the couple. They simply shredded Betty's version and went forward with the official plans.

"All was relatively quiet with this contract until three weeks before the wedding," Marcus recalled. That was the day a stranger showed up at their place of business and imparted some news that threw everyone for a loop.

A tall, well-built man strolled into the office, told Daniel and Marcus that he was Brenda's cousin, Bryan, and gave them the password. Everything checked out, so Daniel and Marcus sat with him to hear what he had to say.

"Earlier that week, the groom was admitted to the hospital after going into anaphylactic shock. [Betty] lied to the bride and groom and fed him a meal that included peanut oil. Bryan witnessed the whole thing and when he confronted his aunt [Betty], she said, 'It's a mind over matter thing!' He wanted us to be aware that [Betty] and her husband, the bride's father, were uninvited and banned from the wedding, on the bride's orders. There was a lot of drama with the other vendors and general wedding planning, and this was the final straw."

Bryan then revealed that he was a cop and that he'd be in charge of the small security team at the wedding in hopes of preventing any untoward actions from Betty. Even though they were taking extra precautions, the day of the wedding, which should have been Brenda and Greg's happiest day ever, almost took a traumatic, tragic turn.

At first, it looked like the wedding would go off without a hitch. Throughout the ceremony, everyone was keeping a watchful eye out for Betty, but she was nowhere to be seen. The vows were exchanged and everything was running perfectly...until the reception.

All of a sudden, Betty, her husband, and a "gaggle" of Betty's friends showed up at the reception, obviously planning to force their way in. Bryan, who was working the door, blocked them at every turn. Even though Betty was his aunt, his loyalty was to his cousin Brenda and he was determined to keep Betty from ruining this day for her. Marcus and Daniel were both there to back him up and Betty eventually stalked off with her posse, beaten but not defeated.

The rest of the reception went smoothly, but at the very end, Betty made another, sudden, appearance. As the reception died down and the wedding party began to filter out, Betty was sitting in her car, quietly fuming. She waited until Brenda and Greg appeared, then turned on her car and floored it, heading straight for the newlyweds. Luckily, Bryan was right behind them and managed to push them out of the way before the car hit them. Instead, Betty ran straight into the doors of the reception hall. If Bryan had been just a few seconds slower, the two of them could have died.

Marcus and Daniel were in total shock that Betty would try to murder her own child. They ran over to check on the couple, who were also in shock, but otherwise unharmed. When the police arrived, they gave them the details of what they'd witnessed and Betty was arrested.

You'd think that would be the end of it, but when dealing with people as crazy as Betty, there's always more craziness to be had.

Betty was put in jail for attempted murder, but that didn't stop her from trying to sue Daniel and Marcus for "damages, slander and breaking contract" with her. The only problem was, Marcus and Daniel never signed a contract with Betty and they never said anything about her that wasn't true. SHE was the one lying about THEM, which the judge in the case saw right away. Betty was "laughed out of court."

But her freedom wasn't the only thing Betty lost. Brenda and Greg completely cut off contact with her and her husband filed for divorce, shocked and sickened that she came so close to killing their daughter.

On a happier note, Greg and Brenda welcomed their first child into the world about a year after the wedding and, since they were so appreciative of everything Marcus and Daniel did for their wedding, they decided to use them to cater their baby's baptism.

Gia, Greg's mother, apologized for not sticking up for them enough and managed to salvage her relationship with the couple.

Bryan, the cop, was shot in the line of duty, though he recovered well. The experience was pretty traumatic, though, and he decided to join Daniel and Marcus' company as a bouncer while he cleared his head. Eventually, he went back to work for the police department, though he stuck to desk duty.

Despite having to put up with a lot of nonsense in his line of work, Marcus sticks with it because he knows what it's really all about: the smiles.

"No matter what crap we've gone through, it's all worth it when we see smiling people, especially a smiling bride and groom."

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