Whether you're an on-the-go type of person or traveling, you probably carry some type of pack. But the issue with a majority of backpacks is that they can be big and bulky and become a hassle in places like the airport or when taking mass transportation.
There are a lot of durable and quality backpacks on the market, but there is a rise of packable backpacks. These guys are a great item to have when traveling because they fold down into a small stuff sack, making it easy to put in your luggage.

The best travel backpack we found was the New Outlander Packable Backpack on Amazon, and it's not just us that think it's a great product, the 8k+ customer reviews say so, too.

What Makes The New Outlander Travel Daypack So Great?

For one, this little guy is chalked full of neat features. It comes in a variety of colors and three sizes: 20L, 25L, and 33L.
Since it's a compact backpack, there is an inner pouch in the backpack, and the backpack will fold into that pouch, turning it into a small compact zipper bag so you can fit it anywhere.
Just because this is a compact backpack does not mean it's short on storage. Inside is a spacious main compartment featuring a zippered security pocket for your valuable items. Then, there are two smaller front metal zipper pockets for carrying small items, like your phone, lip balm, keys, etc. Don't worry, there are two small side pockets for a water bottle or umbrella. Another great feature of this pack, is the price. the New Outlander starts at a crazy low price!

When you're traveling or on-the-go you can't always prepare for what might happen or what accidents you'll run into, but no need to fret when you're wearing New Outlander's daypack. It's water and tear-resistant nylon fabric provides the pack with strength and longevity. Durability was not overlooked when this backpack was being constructed. The pack's stress points, where the straps meet the nylon fabric, are reinforced with bar tacking for increased lifespan. It's also extremely lightweight and that makes it great for stuffing in your suitcase, or heck, even in another backpack!

If you're still not sure whether this travel daypack is for you, just read the Amazon customer reviews.

All the reasons to buy this great little backpack:

(1) Convenient to keep in the luggage for those extra things you bring home.
(2) So lightweight, but very sturdy and well made, perfect for lugging around all your "stuff" when at attractions / hiking
(3) For reason number 2 above, great to keep 1 in your car / beach bag / tote
(4) I recommend picking up a nice neutral color so no one has an excuse not to carry it! (for all those extra's & maybe someone else will carry the extra bag) (Why does everyone hand me their jackets / keys / collectible cups when finished... etc.???) I am not a pack mule... lol... nice thing is no one minds slinging this over their shoulder.
(5) So small and compact when in its pouch & yes, I tried putting it back in the pouch myself to see if it would fit & with very little effort was able to repack it (almost) as good as factory compactness.

Nice and convenient, I keep 1 in my luggage permanently so I will not forget it.

Awesome for movie bag... I will buy their soda and popcorn, but draw the line at the candy... hit the dollar store on the way and have everyone pick out their favorites!!! (I digress... ahem.... yes, this is a great multi-purpose bag that is so convenient & compact when not in use :-)

I really rely on honest reviewers, real purchasers, so please click below if this info has helped at all. Thank you and Enjoy!

We've just returned from 7 days of hiking with these beauties; both my daughter and I loved them. We have the smaller of the two sizes (20L) and found them perfect - they suit Frontier's size requirements for a "personal item" and were light and COMFORTABLE for hiking in upper 90's weather for mountainous 9-mile hikes in both North Carolina and Colorado Springs. They helped us conquer the legendary "Incline" of Manitou Springs and a fabulous bike ride all the way down Pikes Peak when hydration, stability, and comfort were paramount. They easily carried several water bottles, personal items, car keys safely zipped into the carrying pouch, light jacket, sunscreen, snacks, maps, phone, etc. (I even washed mine when we returned last night and it came out looking like new after I snipped a few threads around the zipper.) EVEN if it had not survived for another trip, these were WELL WORTH the price. And yes - I have gotten mine back into its pouch several times with ease. I traveled with this packed in my larger backpack until we were preparing for the day trips; she slid hers under the airplane seat easily. Both worked beautifully.

I wanted a smaller, lightweight bag to carry a few items for myself and my 2 dogs while hiking, especially during camping trips. I ordered the 20 L bag and despite how small the bag appears, with the use of the three different compartments, I was actually able to fit ALL my personal belongings for my upcoming 2 night camping trip, and not just the items for hiking, including some items for my dogs. I was fit into this small lightweight bag: PJs, two changes of day clothes, snacks, two textbooks for studying, small bag of misc items, my water bottle, dogs' water bottle, toiletry bag, and a few other smaller items. If I change my mind after the camping trip about how awesome this bag is, I will update!

The shoulder straps are also very very comfortable.

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