"But You're The Help..."

"There was a family renting a $20 million house in my friend's hometown and the family needed to be picked up to be taken to the city, and he was the chauffeur that was sent.

He knocked on the door and the dad answered, telling him that they were still waiting for his daughter to get ready and that it might be a while. He told him they had more food than they knew what to do with so he was invited in to help himself to the spread.

He described it as burgers, hotdogs, corn on the cob, and ribs just stacked in the kitchen in this crazy spread.

He was standing there awkwardly eating a burger when a little boy came into the room and yelled at him, 'HEY! what are you doing with that burger?'

My friend tried to explain that he was their driver and his dad told him to help himself. To which the child responded 'But you're the help...'"

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That'll Show Them, Go Ahead And Prove A Point

"I worked at a chocolate shop where we made our own milkshakes.

One day, this lady walked in with two spoiled brats. They ordered one milkshake of the classic flavor and the other 'birthday cake' flavor. Well, being a tiny store with only one blender, I made the classic one first so that I could make the birthday cake without rinsing the blender in between. The boy got the classic flavor and the girl got the birthday cake one, but as soon as I gave the boy his milkshake, his sister started screaming because she wanted to get hers first.

To make up for that, I put some sprinkles on top of the whip cream. When I gave her the milkshake, she took a sip and then started crying again because the cup was 'too big.' The mom asked me to give her a smaller cup and I was like sure whatever, and I gave her a tiny cup we used to make hot chocolate. Then the girl started screaming that she wanted whipped cream on top. I topped off the cup with whipped cream. Well now she was crying again because she wanted more sprinkles on top of the whipped cream.

At this point, I was getting SUPER ticked off. I had used the last of them to top off her drink. So I said to the mom, 'Sorry, I’m actually all out of sprinkles,' and then looked straight at the little girl and said sternly 'but if you don’t stop whining right now, I’m going to have to ask you to leave. We have a no-whining policy in this chocolate shop.' Well THAT was apparently a mistake because the mom was furious that I tried punishing her spoiled brat.

After snapping at me for not talking to her daughter that way, she said, 'We’re leaving. Give me a lid.' Well, the tiny little cup I had given her to pour the milkshake into was too small for a lid. I apologized and said that I didn’t have lids for that cup size. The girl SCREAMED and said, 'IF I DON’T HAVE A LID, I’LL SPILL' and then dumped the cup of milkshake onto her lap to prove a point."

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The Apple Doesn't Fall Too Far From The Tree

"I used to work in a restaurant in Dubai. We would get really wealthy families in to eat all the time. One family had a boy who screamed almost the entire time they were there, was rude to both staff and his own nanny, tossed his plate with the food on the ground, and kicked one of the cats that lives in our outdoor area.

This kid definitely learned his behavior from the parents. They were so rude. I offered to get an extra seat for the nanny, and they declined, saying she wasn't eating. She just stood behind them the entire evening. I did get her a drink though."

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This Girl's Poor Mom Was Used To It At This Point

"I guess I'm weird because the legitimately rich kids/people I know are pretty grounded. I think the worst I've encountered is that one of them is a bit of a food snob, but he'll politely eat my poor person garbage if he's over for dinner.

No, the most spoiled kid I've ever seen was the daughter of a woman with an EBT card.

I worked at a gas station in high school, and there was a woman who came in to treat her daughter to a snack. Like, a little snack that she could pay for with pocket change (think a candy bar or a can of soda or something). She leaves the kid unattended for a second to go get something out of her car, and the little monster uses those couple of minutes to grab as much candy as she can. And a Slushie. And a Snapple. If it was sweet and delicious and could fit in her arms, she was snagging it.

Well, her mom came back in and looked horrified. She quietly pulled the kid aside toward the register and explained that she would like to be able to buy her everything she wanted, but she needed to pick one thing.

The kid's response was, 'Just use your food stamps.'

The mom told her, no, they couldn't do that. Food stamps were for actual food. She couldn't afford to spend her food stamps on snacks and still have money leftover for groceries. Especially not for the pile of food she's accumulated.

The kid argued back. The mom tried to reason with her. Kid started screaming. Mom was getting angry.

'No. That's final. Go put all of this back!' yelled the mom at long last.

So the kid threw her Slushie at her mom, shrieking, and dropped everything on the ground and stormed out. Her mom, apparently used to having stuff chucked at her, dodged effortlessly and chased her outside."

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People Tried To Avoid Her Like The Plague

"I worked at Whole Foods about 10 years ago. I was used to most customers being jerks to me. It wasn’t terrible, they just were snobby. One family that came in was an older couple with a 12-year old-girl with them. The cashiers and baggers would actively try to avoid them because the daughter was a total brat. I had only three interactions with her and I wanted to scream.

The first time, I was bagging and she got a fancy cupcake. I asked if she wanted her own bag and she slapped the cupcake out of my hand. Then screamed at me for touching her stuff and ruining it. She demanded that I get another cupcake for her. I looked at her parents and they said nothing. I walked away before I said something that would get me fired.

Another time, knowing that she was difficult, I just checked them out and didn't speak. While I was bagging the groceries, she kicked my leg for not following her 'instructions.' She wanted all her things in a separate bag. That little twit said nothing to me at all about any of this. I ignored her and walked away from my active register. Her parents still said nothing.

I saw her another time when I was on break and getting a slice of pizza to take back to the break room. The family was standing around the pizza line. She was screaming at her parents because we were out of the kind of pizza slices she wanted. They were apologizing and begging her not to call them names. Then she rounded on me, 'You probably ate them all, you stupid fatty!' This time I laughed at her and told her that I indeed ate all of her favorite pizza while waving the slice box that I was holding. She screamed even louder and turned bright red. I walked away again. The worst part of this? The pizza that she wanted was coming out of the oven. The person behind the counter told her that they were out because they also couldn’t stand her.

The next time they came to my line, I shut off my light and made them go to the self-checkout because of that abusive kid."

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They Could Have Just Asked

"I live in Singapore where we have double-decker buses and people will generally prefer the first seat at the front because of the view. One day, I was on my way to my internship, seated at the front seat and a mom brought her son up the bus who was maybe 5 or 6 years old. This kid had a half eaten piece of chocolate in his hand. Mind you, eating and drinking is prohibited on public transport in my country.

The kid sat behind me and started kicking my seat and demanded his mom get me out of the seat. The mom apologized to him for not getting him the seat he wanted. This went on for five minutes before the kid started screaming at the top of his lungs and tugging on my hair. I pulled out my headphones, plugged them into my iPhone, and started listening to music.

Another five minutes went by before the kid realized nothing was getting done, so he started spitting chocolate into my hair.

In all honesty, I would have given the seat to him if he or his mom asked nicely, but man I did not expect the chocolate spit, man."

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Everyone Bend Over Backward For This Brat

"My 15-year-old niece always complains about how she's so bored and wants to go spend money. One time, she made her mom (my sister) drive to the next town over which is an hour away because she 'had to get' a specific kind of scrunchy from Target.

She complained and complained that there weren't any vegan options at a restaurant we were at (rural South Texas doesn't have much), so we went to a different place that was more expensive so she could eat. She ordered this HUGE plate, took two bites, and said she was full and didn't want to take the rest home because she didn't like leftovers. Her mom wasn't any better. When my mom asked my sister to pay the bill for her kid (my niece), she threw a fit and said, 'I can't BELIEVE you asked ME to pay!'

For more context about that last part, my sister is almost 40 years old, makes over $1,000 a month from retirement money, lives at home with my parents rent free, and doesn't lift a finger or help with any bills or chores. My mom once asked my sister to not feed her dogs at the table and she started screaming and crying and talking about how she was treated like the 'black sheep of the family.'"

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That Explains His Behavior

"My ex's little brother was the worst.

My ex's family was quite well off, but he didn't get along with his parents very well and he avoided the whole over-pampering. His little brother, the baby of the family, not so much. This kid could run around the house shirtless hitting my ex as well as his sisters. He would play video games and be on his iPad constantly, and he scratched the disc to the same game several times, making my ex repurchase it. He never got any repercussions.

Once I was out to eat with my ex and his family at the country club they belonged to. The kid ordered chicken tenders with no please or thank you. He was also really overweight since his parents let him eat whatever and however much he wanted. In the middle of dinner, he started whining. For no reason. I tried to calm him, since nobody else was and I was mortified to be around a kid making a scene. His mother glared at me for trying to shush and calm him! I mean, I guess I get that disciplining another's child is a big no no, but I really didn't want to be judged by the whole establishment. My ex did end up telling me after dinner that his mom was really unhappy with me.

And this kid isn't like 3, he was in the second grade. That is not an excuse to act like a baby in public, and he was old enough to be scolded. I can't imagine the reactions from my parents if I or my sibling ever acted like him."

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Where Were The Parents?

"I was having dinner at a hot pot place. This Chinese kid, maybe 5, walked up to these two guys, smiling bashfully. They leaned toward him and were like, 'Hey buddy, how's it going?' It was actually really sweet.

And he spit in their faces.

He managed to hit both of them with one shot, even though they were on opposite sides of the table. They were both like dude, why is this happening, and I yelled at his family to watch their kid. They just ignored us. Didn't turn around, didn't look for the kid, didn't pay attention to any of it. The wait staff came over to ask me what my deal was, and I explained the situation. They were apologetic and talked to the family for a few seconds before leaving them alone.

The kid's raw food came out a little while later, and of course the kid came back with that little grin on his face. They implored him not to but he spit on their food.

I stood up and started walking up to the kid's family, and in the five steps it took to get there, I went from talking to yelling. They didn't look at me. The waiter came and asked me to sit back down, I told him that this kid was assaulting customers and they needed to kick this family out of the restaurant. Something about them being VIPs or something, 10 seconds of listening to that and I told him to comp their meal for their trouble and comp mine too for ticking me off.

Two comped meals and this nasty two-part scene at the restaurant caused by the little brat, and the parents didn't even look up from their meal. Looks like he was just allowed to do that kind of stuff."

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Someone Never Taught This Kid Manners

"When I was in Cuernavaca, a suburb of Mexico City, I stayed with a host family. I stayed with another fellow classmate named Tom. Tom was good at hiding his wealth, but it was very apparent he was a preppy, wealthy boy because he was notorious for saying things that were out of touch with us middle class kids. But, he was likable enough, and usually caught himself being a rich kid.

He was also a picky eater, which is something of a problem in Mexico, where a good portion of people live in poverty, and wasting food, or not eating food, is considered rude unless you are literally stuffed. Luckily for me, I love Mexican food, and my host family made excellent dishes. I usually ended up eating seconds with comments galore! I ate anything I could, often to the point of ridicule. Though I don't have a spot for this candy made of honey, tamarind, and chile. It tastes gritty and awful and sad.

One night, our host family had us and our other classmates an American themed night. They made burgers and hot dogs. It was OK, but I was thankful, and some of the hot dogs were a bit spicy. But I never forgot how they gave him a hot dog with mustard and he told them straight up he would not eat anything with mustard, because it was disgusting, and how dare they not ask him. I was half expecting him to throw it on the ground. When the host family asked if they could remove it, he told them no it wouldn't matter because the bun was contaminated, and he just dumped it on my plate and said I'd certainly eat it. He took another hot dog without asking. I told him to apologize, and he refused, saying they should have asked him. It was obvious there was to be no reasoning with Tom on this one.

That night I heard them through the window. They were trash-talking Tom, calling him a spoiled brat. I chuckled so hard."

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It Sounds Like He Never Grew Up

"This is about my cousin. He's thankfully gotten a lot better in his old age, but I could not stand him a few years back. He's always been pretty entitled and bratty but it had gotten way worse. I don't see him very often because I don't put up with his nonsense and he doesn't like me for it. My aunt is a single mother and works a great university job so she's not rich but she's comfortable.

My aunt basically supported him until maybe a year or two ago. He would have jobs but hate them and constantly quit then complain when he didn't have any money.

My aunt was living with her boyfriend and my cousin was living in her large house with his half-brother. Both would do nothing other than game and drink. The house was big and we always had Christmas dinner there so there would enough room for all of the family coming up for the holidays. My aunt asked him days before Christmas to make sure the house was clean. We go there on Christmas Eve end up spending six hours cleaning up the house after him because it was an absolute disaster. We couldn't even use the oven because the bottom was so covered in grease that it would have smoked us out.

There were five of us cleaning this house and he didn't even come over to help, just went out drinking with his friends. The next day, no one was saying anything to him and I was mad about the whole thing. So my sisters and I made a few snarky remarks about it, he got upset and left, refused to be there for Christmas dinner, and spent it at a bar instead.

The next day, we decided we want Thai food so my dad and I were taking orders and grabbing cash from everyone. My cousin wanted some but didn't have the money and tried to guilt trip and whine and complain about how no one would buy him food.

Every Christmas, my siblings and I do a gift exchange so we don't have to buy gifts for everyone, and my cousin wanted in one year. So sweet, he got my name and bought me a bottle of Jack. After I opened the gift, I set it aside for later. He asked me to open the bottle so he could have some, and when I said no, he opened it anyway and then drank half of it later on in the night whenever I was not looking."

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The "Shame Pizzas" Could Only Last So Long

"We had this 'friend' in college. Half of me feels bad for him but the other half doesn't. He was in our friend group because he was roommates with one of our friends. The kid had like zero interests or hobbies and had absolutely nothing to relate to us with. That's why I felt bad. However, he also had the tendency to be a huge prick every now and then.

After he would be a jerk one night, he'd buy everyone pizza the next day as an apology. Ok, that's a nice gesture, but not as a contingency plan to keep your friends when you keep acting that way.

After a few shame pizzas, we started getting sick of it because it was like he was trying to buy us. I once happened to see his account while taking money out of the ATM once, and he had $13,000 in it. Keep in mind, he was in college with no job. I can't remember most of the things he did but the one that sticks out the most is when he referred to two of our friends as 'the fat one and the dumb one,' except the 'fat one' wasn't fat and the 'dumb one' wasn't dumb.

Oh, he also called a black girl the N-word once. He's married to a black woman now."

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You'll Never Meet A More Spoiled Set Of Twins

"When I was 13 years old, I was friends with these twin girls that were HORRIFYINGLY spoiled and badly behaved. Their mom would guilt our mom into forcing me and my sister into spending time with them, they were that bad.

They refused to obey their mom. If their mom told them to do anything, they wouldn't listen, even if it was something like 'It's time for dinner, come to the table!' When my sister and I would obey our mother right away, their mom would accuse us of 'making her and her kids look bad.'

One of them threatened to steal my stuffed dog if I didn't name it what she wanted me to and her mother wouldn't do a thing. I ended up lying about the name and then I hid it whenever she came over.

When we went over to play, my sister and I were only allowed to play with certain toys and heaven help us if we so much as asked to play with something else.

Once my mom had two coupons for free ice cream from McDonald's for the two of us. The twins threw a fit because they wanted ice cream too, so their mom made my mom force us to THROW IT AWAY.

They snuck into my friend's yard and hurt her dog. When I told their mom she wouldn't do anything at first. Then my friend's father informed her, with the worst language I ever heard from him, that he would call the police and have them arrested. So she went and got them from the yard.

This ended my friendship with them. They got mad at me for telling on them and tried to turn our neighborhood friends against us (except the one who's yard they broke into). It almost worked but then the worst behaved one tried to force us to play what she and her sister wanted to play by stealing my other friend's ball.

This final situation escalated and finally I told both of the twins what horrible, life ruining, thieving, animal abusing, miserable little brats they were. To the better behaved twin's credit, she was ashamed.

Then I grabbed the ball and gave it back to my friend. The bad twin attacked me while shrieking and I knocked her down. I sidestepped her and swung my arm out. I hit her in the nose. I did not feel guilty and I do not feel guilty.

The other twin attacked me and I held her at arm's length and told her she was better than that. While this was happening, my sister escorted our other friends inside and then my mom came out.

My mom let them have it and they left. Their mom came and yelled at my sister and me before turning her attention to my mom. My mom REALLY let her have it.

We never had to play with them again, and after that, we only hung out with them sporadically until they got caught throwing rocks at car windshields and terrorizing the neighborhood.

Apparently, they would scare people's animals, steal balls and jump ropes from younger children, commit various acts of vandalism, tell the two mormon families that lived in our neighborhood they were going to burn, and ding dong ditched houses. Their father put his foot down and they were grounded for months. Regardless, my parents told us we weren't allowed to hang out with them anymore.

I was never more glad to be banned from being friends with someone in my entire life."

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