Entitled Parents Are The Worst

Everyone knows those parents who like to call out other parents for raising their kids wrong. Sometimes, it can be justified in the case of another person's child being neglected or hurt. However, other times, it can just be a way for snarky parents to feel superior to everyone around them. Well, in this case, this crazy mom is truly the icing on the entitled parent cake. She goes above and beyond snobby comments and actually commits a crime against a stranger's daughter. In this case, it's against a little girl we'll call Rose, who is the young daughter of our storyteller, who we'll call Cathy.

Cathy wanted to celebrate her daughter's birthday by taking her out to a cafe for cake and tea. They were just choosing their slices and drinks when Rose's special day was ruined by the attack of a crazy woman. Everything goes downhill from there until an unexpected hero swoops in to save the day. That was the day Cathy learned that this attacker was going to get her just deserts, even if it was going to be served cold.

It Was Going To Be A Special Birthday

It was the day before Cathy's daughter's birthday. Her sweet little Rose was only 3 years old and excited to be turning 4 the next day. Usually, they would throw a small party for her at their house with family and friends, cake and presents, singing and games and such. However, because of timing and when Cathy could get off work, she had scheduled that day for when they would take off for their vacation to Wales. But Cathy wanted her daughter to have a fun 4th birthday, so she decided to take her out to a local cafe and have a Mommy-Daughter tea-and-cake date.

Rose was a sweet, gentle girl who always lent a helping hand with chores, especially since she discovered that Cathy was pregnant with her little brother. So, when they arrived at the cafe, naturally, Rose insisted on carrying the tray they would use to hold their food and drinks. It wasn't crowded in the place, so Cathy saw no issue in allowing her daughter some autonomy. They walked together over to the counter with the cakes, and Rose set the tray up on to the side of the counter. She pointed out the carrot cake she desired, Cathy selected hers, and they both pushed the tray along down the counter to avoid any spills.

Next, they reached the drinks. Rose wanted apple juice, which was located in the upper refrigerated shelves. So Cathy let go of the tray for a moment so she could reach it. She trusted Rose enough to not tip the tray.

It took all of one second for Cathy to even look at the apple juice carton when she caught movement in the corner of her eye. Suddenly, Rose started yelling and crying.

The Attack

Cathy whipped around to see some random woman yanking the tray with their cakes away from Rose while she was still holding it. Just as Cathy was prepared to shout at this lady, the woman started shoving the tray back and forth, attempting to get Rose to release her grip. She was successful, as the child fell to the floor, with the cakes and plates smashing around her. Apparently this woman was too lazy to get her own tray, so she decided to steal one from a 3-year-old.

Rose was sobbing even harder at this point, so Cathy quickly and cautiously kicked the shattered pieces of plate aside and swooped down to help her daughter.

The woman then decided that this was the perfect opportunity to lecture Cathy about how she should be ashamed of herself for allowing her daughter to play with the trays. Apparently, it was too dangerous for a kid to handle and she could have hurt herself. She went on to point out the mess SHE created as an example why Rose should have never had the tray in the first place, and let Cathy know she should be ashamed of herself.

Cathy absolutely lost it.

A Mother's Rage

Seething with rage, Cathy stood up and unleashed her wrath on this woman. Her face was so contorted with anger that it must have caught the woman's attention, as she paused for a moment from walking away and just stared blankly at Cathy - like she hadn't done anything wrong.

"HOW. DARE. YOU." Cathy roared.

It was probably the most menacing she had ever sounded. Her daughter was hurt, after all, so she was rightfully enraged. The dark tone in her voice caught the attention of the cafe employees and another woman eating there with two teenage sons. This other mom had watched the whole scene play out, so she stormed over to Cathy and Rose. As she got closer, Cathy noticed that she looked incredibly strong and fit, and could probably put up a good fight. She proved to be their guardian angel.

Mama Bear To The Rescue

This Mama Bear walked right up into the to evil lady's face and wrenched the tray out of her hands, twisted her arm behind her back, and pinned her against the glass cake display. The witch started screeching out in pain and protest, and in only a few seconds, a 15-year-old girl, whom Cathy could only assume was the awful's woman daughter, raced in from the seating area to see what was happening.

Meanwhile, the employees quickly called the police as one of them rushed over to the scene with a broom in one hand and a first aid kit in the other. The worker swept up the shards of plate and cake bits and searched a sniffling Rose for any cuts. As this was happening, the now-pinned woman was still screaming about currently being assaulted for no reason, wildly accusing Cathy of being a thief and Rose of being a thief-in-training. Yes, obviously Cathy was training her 3-year-old to steal two slices of cake.

In less than 5 minutes, the police showed up, as the station was only across the street from the cafe. As they walked in through the front door, the crazy lady caught sight of them and started screeching even louder, claiming again that she was being unreasonably attacked. Mama Bear calmly explained the situation to the officers as Cathy tried to comfort her daughter, who was still shaken up by the incident. As she looked over Rose again, she noticed large red marks on the back of her thighs from falling to the floor. Because they both bruised easily, she knew that her child would turn black and blue soon.

Cathy was also feeling hormonal from the pregnancy, so in addition to being angry, she was also crying. This caught the police's attention.

Birthday Hopes Now Bruised

Once the police realized that Cathy was pregnant and clearly distressed, and that her 3-year-old had gotten injured, they called an ambulance to come take them to the hospital.

They reached the hospital, got looked over, and the doctor confirmed that Rose would have quite a nasty bruise blooming over the back of her legs and behind. Cathy was deemed fine other than being stressed, and the two were cleared to leave. Then an officer stepped into their room and took her statement about the situation.

He informed her that the crazy lady had been arrested and that they had taken statements from Mama Bear, the cafe employees, and even the lady's own 15-year-old daughter against her. The cafe also handed over security camera footage of the whole ordeal. Cathy gave her statement and they finally went home for the day, Rose's original birthday plans now ruined. They had hardly enough time to celebrate before their trip as it was, and now Rose had to sit on her large, painful bruise for over 8 hours as Cathy drove to their vacation destination. It was undoubtedly her worst birthday yet.

But Cathy wasn't finished with this lady.

Cathy's Plan Of Action

The whole time she drove the following day, Cathy seethed over the incident. It took everything in her power to not break down in tears over the outrageous injustice against her sweet daughter. She had handled snarky comments from entitled parents in the past, but this was a whole different level. This woman had physically assaulted a stranger's daughter and didn't care about her actions at all. Cathy swore that she would have killed this lady had Mama Bear not intervened and saved the day. Certainly, it would have been Cathy in jail, not the lady. Rose had to spend what was supposed to be a special day and vacation in pain, and there was nothing her poor mother could do about it. Nothing, except to take legal action.

The whole time they were on vacation, in additional to having fun with her daughter, Cathy schemed about how to get back at this lady in court. Because she knew the police had concrete evidence and witness statements, she was sure it would be enough to take the woman to a judge for child abuse. It would probably take a while, as the gears of justice tend to move slowly and Cathy didn't know a whole lot about the law, but she was willing to do whatever it took to get justice for her daughter. Thankfully, the police gave her the numbers of good lawyers if she happened to need them, and now was the hour of need.

With all of her ducks in a row, Cathy tried to enjoy the rest of their vacation as much as they could, and anticipated their return, when she would take action and give this lady what she deserved.

Just Desserts Served

The moment they returned from their trip, Cathy called a lawyer about the whole event. After many long conversations, the lawyer told her what was going to happen.

Regardless of Cathy's presence, the lady was going to court about her actions in the cafe that day. However, Cathy decided to show up anyways at the proceedings to ensure the lady got the sentence she deserved. The lawyer wasn't sure about what exactly would happen, but he could guarantee that she would get at the very least 12-18 months of prison time. So far, she had been charged under Section 1 of the Children and Young Persons Act 1933 for child cruelty and violence. Just as Cathy had hoped, the lady was being charged for child abuse.

All Cathy had to do now was wait for their day in court. But, when the other woman had tried to defend herself, the excuse she made was truly ridiculous.

Her Insane Excuse

The crazed lady tried to claim that the cake tray had originally been hers and that Cathy and Rose had schemed to steal it from her. When she was yanking the tray away from Rose, she was simply trying to take back what was apparently hers. Rose just "fell" and wasn't "shoved" - her getting hurt was only an "accident". Cathy couldn't believe the audacity of this woman. Unfortunately, when reviewing the security camera footage, the incident took place just out of the camera's range and thus wasn't recorded. However, Mama Bear agreed to stand up as a witness and met with Cathy's lawyer about reviewing the case. Cathy was so grateful for their savior, that she invited Mama Bear and her family out to a nice restaurant as a thank you.

Rose was finally healing from the scary event, and after a long while, her bruises began to fade until they were practically gone. Cathy ensured, however, to take several pictures of them every day to use them as evidence in the case. With her daughter safe, a new friend in Mama Bear, and the evil witch guaranteed to be in jail for a while, Cathy finally felt that everything was going to be ok and that she and her daughter could live in peace.

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