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A Story With No Fairy Tale Ending

This is a story of revenge. This is also a story where there are no heroes. There are no winners. It's a cautionary tale of the trials and tribulations of family relationships, betrayal, and marriage. The storyteller, whom we'll call 'Dave,' has gone through quite the ordeal. Dave caught his wife cheating on him with an old enemy of his and his revenge tactic was shocking and a little disturbing.

First, a little background on the events. Dave and the man his wife cheated on him with, whom we'll call 'Alan,' have a bit of sordid past, according to Dave. Though the details are vague, early on, according to Dave, they "became friends over basketball and I would protect him from troubles," but soon the friendship deteriorated because Alan was, "into girls younger than him so I can't be friends or associated with that," said Dave. He doesn't go into any detail about what that means, but it brought things to a head and they got into a fight. A fight Dave won.

"We get into a fight, he had to get his jaw wired shut," Dave said, clearly implying that Dave won the fight and left Alan in bad shape, but he went on to say, "no more about him." That is the last thing he mentions about his history with Alan. It's not the last time we hear about Alan though, of course.

Dave Gets Suspicious

Jumping forward in history, Dave learned that his wife, whom we'll call 'Denise,' had been chatting with Alan on Facebook messenger. Denise thought the conversations were innocent, but Dave saw through that immediately, "[Denise], being somewhat naïve, didn't know he was flirting with her."

Dave wanted to immediately put an end to it. Clearly he wasn't happy about his wife speaking to his former friend and enemy.

Dave explained that he and Denise had been going through a "rough patch." They were married young, and though he was only 29 at the time, they had been married for 10 years already and had three kids together. During this rough patch, Alan asked Denise over Facebook Messenger to meet up at Starbucks for a cup of coffee.

Dave immediately sensed what Alan's plan was and made his own plan to thwart it.

The Confrontation

The day that Alan and Denise were to meet up, Dave called out of work for "family issues" but told Denise he was going in. Instead, he parked his car a block from their house and waited for Alan to show up. Eventually, he did and Alan and Denise headed for Starbuck's while Dave followed.

Dave knew he might make a bad decision at this point, "I follow them there and stay in the car, at this time I'm texting all my friends saying the old me came back and what's going on." Dave implied that something might happen, and boy did it. At least Dave admitted that he was maybe going to make a rash decision.

It happened when Denise and Alan left Starbucks and headed to Alan's house.

Dave takes it from here, "I follow the (two) from Starbucks and see that they are going to his house. Now I park and give it two minutes." For two minutes, Dave laid in wait, ready to pounce like a lion.

After waiting, Dave knocked on the door of Alan's house, crouched down to stay hidden, and waited for the door to open. As he put it, "When I hear the door opening up I barge in and [Alan] looks at me like he saw a ghost. I saw my ex-wife in her bra and all I say is, 'So, this is what you do in your free time?'" and he walked out.

Denise freaked out.

Alan And Denis Freak Out

Denise ran out the door, hot on the heels of a very angry Dave, as he said, "She chases me outside crying, saying how she doesn't know what's going on with her, how they didn't 'go all the way.'"

Dave didn't care, he told Denise to take a hike and "Don't come back to the house, and if I see you with him, ask him what will happen." Again, Dave seemed to be referencing the fight he had with Alan in the past, the fight that left Alan with a broken jaw. Yeah, that fight. It was a moment of pure drama. Dave was left angry and bitter and he had decided then that his marriage with Denise was over. Denise was in tears.

Alan was also freaked out, no doubt remembering the previous fight as well. His reaction was one of self-preservation.

Alan Keeps His Distance

Dave explained Alan's reaction, "As I'm leaving, he throws her out and I see he was really scared, which to be fair I've done bad in my past yes but he knows me and he knows the [stuff] I've done and knows what I'm capable of doing."

Breaking a jaw is what Dave is capable of, of course, as he often reminded everyone.

Later, Dave once again checked Denise's Messenger and confirmed that Alan wanted nothing more to do with the situation. Dave said, "I go on her Facebook and read a message from him saying stay the [heck] away from [him]."

By the look of things, Alan was done with Denise. Dave, on the other hand, was not.

Dave Is Done With Denise

Denise tried to make amends for her terrible transgressions, but Dave wanted no part of it. Of that he said, "She tries coming back to the house and I tell her that if she steps anymore into the house, I will tell her whole family what she did. She walks out crying asking for her stuff and I just threw that trash outside and told her to [take] off."

Dave was ready to move on. He wanted nothing to do with her. It was bad enough that she cheated. That she cheated with a former friend and current foe was a bridge way too far for Dave to forgive. As for Alan, he "filed a restraining order on [Dave] and [Denise], saying we have to be 100 feet away from him."

Dave was ready to file for divorce, he wasn't interested in anything Denise had to say, "I tell the kids how we won't be seeing mom for a while and I call her, telling her she that can say explain herself to the kids and she can have the kids on the weekend, but to stay away from me."

Then, as Dave put it, "the revenge comes."

Dave Gets Mean

The divorce proceedings began, and surprisingly, even though Dave and Denise were married at 19, there was a prenup stating that Dave wouldn't need to pay alimony.

Revenge piece #1.

They sold the house and split that down the middle. With his half, Dave bought a new apartment and a new car. Dave was happy, Denise was not. In court, in front of the judge, she broke down. When it came to custody, Dave agreed to weekends, which he claimed was what he wanted.

It's hard to tell if Dave had any thought of the kids' well being, as at one point he even said, "I thought about telling them how mommy doesn't believe in Santa Claus, but I didn't."

Trying to burn your ex-wife at your kids expense is as low as it gets, so thankfully, Dave thought better of doing that.

What he did next was almost as scummy.

Dave's Revenge Falls Into His Lap

Dave wanted nothing to do with his ex (and mother of his children) after the divorce. He didn't even allow her to drop the kids off at his house on the weekends. Instead, her younger sister would bring the kids over.

One time, as she was dropping them off, Dave hatched his revenge plan. Or at least what he thought was a good revenge plan. Morally, it's pretty darn low.

Here's how he described the situation, "Her little sister came over to drop off the kids and asked me how I was feeling. Quickly, I used it to my benefit and told her how I felt lonely and sad because I lost the one true love in my life. Her sister stayed over and made the kids and me dinner and then stayed after dinner to talk. I told her how much I missed being with her sister, but what she did was unforgivable. She agreed with me and then we started kissing and it led to more."

That's right. You read that correctly. Dave's revenge was to get busy with his ex-wife's sister. And his ex's sister was happy to help. But Dave STILL wasn't done. He proved he could go even lower.

Dave Gets Caught, But Doesn't Care

Before he took that next, extra crappy step in his revenge plan, Dave started doing things for himself. He started going to the gym and getting in shape. He was also maintaining a relationship with Denise's sister, which at first, Denise didn't know about. That ended one day as he was video-chatting with the sister, he explained, "I Facetimed her one day and my ex-wife was around and she heard my voice, and all I heard was them two arguing how she betrayed her."

It's impossible to understand why Denise's sister would have accepted a call from him in Denise's presence, but it's also clear these are some pretty self-destructive people that aren't the sharpest knives in the drawer either.

Dave also learned then that Denise was still interested in getting back together. Even AFTER she learned Dave was sleeping with her sister!

Dave, of course, wasn't interested in that at all.

And he had one more way he was going to prove it.

Dave Strikes Again

After Dave's affair with Denise's sister was exposed, the task of dropping off the kids a Dave's fell to Denise's cousins. Dave would start the same routine with the cousins each time they came over to drop off or pick up the kids, and finally, one of them fell for it. You can probably guess what happened next.

Yep, Dave slept with her too. Amazingly, Denise's cousin fell for same line that her sister had fallen for. The sob story about Dave missing the true love of her life. The cousin, like the sister, felt bad and Dave used her to exact even MORE revenge on his ex. It was unbelievable!

Of course, Dave can't keep this to himself either and one time when Denise came by his house trying to plead with him to get back together, he "accidentally" told her about the SECOND affair with one of her family members. He said that he forgave his ex-wife for cheating on him with Alan, but he still went through with the confession. And then after he was finished, Dave left Denise outside to cry.

What kind of guy does this? What kind of family does this?

Dave Is Happy, But Should He Be?

In the end, Dave was quite proud of himself, "Now I've moved on, I'm 'friends with benefits with two women, neither of whom I'd date exclusively. I'm still young. My ex-wife has gotten in bad shape while I'm going to the gym and working on myself constantly."

He tried to put a feel good ending on the sorted story, but in the end, it's really just a sad end for everyone, especially the kids.

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