Like most of the country, the OOLA team has adjusted to working from home over the past three weeks. Our levels of sanity have varied, as have our coping mechanisms. We have looked to our writers and audience for inspiration on everything from how to entertain ourselves, what-to-watch, and even zoom-call wardrobe tips. This week, the realization we might be sheltering in place for a while has become a reality, so we wanted to share with our readers how team OOLA is adjusting to life at home.

Mascara and Manicures were SO last month. It’s all about sweatpants and the sans-makeup look for achieving peak quarantine chic. We’ve been living in sweatpants and comfy fabrics, while spring fashion trends have stayed tucked deep in our closets. After three weeks rocking minimalist fashion and athleisure, we are starting to pine for lipstick and heels. Here’s to hoping we have a reason to dress up sometime soon. Until then, enjoy the latest and greatest in our comfort recommendations.

What We're Wearing

Ellen: My Yummie lounge pants have been my go-to! I have two pairs and have worn them every day this week. The loungewear has been the best part of living life at home.

Erika: I have been living in my Old Navy joggers, because they're not slouchy sweatpants, they're fancy sweatpants. I also love the Loft and have been rotating through different more casual sweaters and cardigans. Layers are important for when I want to go out for a walk during lunch when I can!

Allison: Being the super basic I am, I've been living in leggings and tank tops/t-shirts. During normal, non-quarantine life, I'm a gym rat and my favorite legging brands are GymShark and Underestimated Apparel. Their leggings are super soft, comfy, and flattering without having an insane price tag attached to them. It's a good thing too, since I've been regularly wearing a couple pairs a day. I'm also rocking a scrunchie or headband more often than I'd like to admit, mostly functional to cover up my weed-like roots, but also to add a little something to the countless video meetings.

Nicole: My WFH uniform has been a rotation of stretchy items. On repeat are the perfect Lululemon dupes I got from Amazon. They are buttery soft, have the ideal amount of stretch, and cost a fraction of the price.

Laura: Black and gray cheetah print sweatpants from Goodwill and a t-shirt that says "Murderino" in Friends font. Oh and don't forget my fashionable boot that is protecting my broken metatarsals.

Sydney: Leggings and t-shirts lolol

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