You've heard of the peanut butter and pickle sandwich, Cheetos and milk, and honey on pizza, but feast your eyes on the latest creation this world has to offer: the tacro.

For those who haven't seen this before, the taco is a combination taco made from a croissant shell. The Vive La Tarte bakery in San Francisco introduced their latest creation in January, much to the delight of Instagram foodies who have been snapping pics of the dish since it debuted.

The fire quickly spread throughout Instagram and made its way to Twitter, where people have been praising the dish for weeks.

In an interview with SFGate, creative director Jimmy Houghton spoke about the creation and what the bakery was trying to achieve with it. "We took our regular croissant dough that we make and we tried to fill it with pulled pork or with chicken, and we found that the flavors didn't combine well. The pastry was way too rich, way too buttery, way too sweet. We went back to the drawing board and we said it needs to be saltier, needs to be a bit more savory.

The tacro offers consumers the typical taco fillings such as pork, jackfruit, or chicken, and it's then topped with onions, salsa, and radishes. A spokesperson told Buzzfeed that "[We'll] likely add a few more flavors down the road, including a potential breakfast version."

So far, 177 posts have been posted to Instagram using the hashtag "tacro," and reviews have been pouring in for the bakery's latest addition to the menu. For the most part, people have been praising the tacro for its flavor but criticizing just how messy it is to eat. Despite this, Vive La Tarte has been posting since January to show off tacro sales. In a January 20 post, the bakery boasted how their dish sold out within two hours.

If this sounds like something up your alley, head over to Vive La Tarte before these little treats sell out!


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