The day all carbonated beverage enthusiasts have been waiting for has finally arrived! Crystal Pepsi is back! The clear, caffeine-free product of PepsiCo was a fan favorite but sadly, it was short-lived. The product was launched in 1992 and was taken off the shelves in 1993. But PepsiCo has heard our cries and they are bringing it back...for a very short period of time. In order to be one of the lucky few to win one of the 13,000 available 6-packs, enter the sweepstakes on The lucky winners will receive their Crystal Pepsi at the end of December. 


Pepsi decided to announce the comeback of Crystal Pepsi with a video that is a true celebration of the '90s, complete with dial-up internet, crimped hair and shoulder pads. Watch it below.



How much have you missed Crystal Pepsi?

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