The holiday season is the perfect time to indulge that sweet tooth of yours. All over the world, desserts start pouring out from every mother's kitchen and the house is full of caramel and candied fragrances. However, not all countries have syrupy cakes for the holidays. Some countries have different and unique traditions. So, this year, why not try including another country's tradition in your holiday?

Flan (Mexico)

Sweet traditional homemade greek melomakarona for Christmas

Flan is popular south of the border year-round for birthdays, but is also a custardy Christmas treat.

Honey Dipped Christmas Cookies (Greece)

Sweet traditional homemade greek melomakarona for Christmas

Also called "melomakarona," these soft and round cookies will leave your stomach and tastebuds pleasantly surprised. After baking, cool the cookies while you prepare a spiced honey dip to really bring holiday flavor to its peak. This fluffy can be deliciously paired with a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

Warming Sugar and Spice Steamed Pudding (UK)

plated steamed toffee sponge dessert

Need something to warm your stomach and tastebuds? Steamed pudding can be created on the stovetop and is an English holiday and winter favorite. Sweet candied fruits and fragrant spices like cinnamon and nutmeg combine for a beautifully complex flavor that goes great with holiday cookies.

Almond Prize Rice Pudding (Scandinavia)

The Danish rice desert with almond and cherry for Christmas eve names risalamande.

Also known as risalamande, this classic Danish winter dessert is taken for a twist just in time for the holidays! After using your favorite recipe, hide an almond inside one of your serving bowls. Whoever chooses that bowl and finds the almond will have great luck (maybe he or she doesn't have to do the dishes tonight!).

Chunky Over-The-Top Fruit Cake (Ancient Rome)

Christmas fruit cake on a gray background

Have you found the fruit cake lover in your life, but find that all the options are pretty "standard"? This version of the famous (or infamous) cake is based in ancient Rome, and boy is it serious about its ingredients! With three different kinds of nuts and five varieties of dried fruit, there just isn't much room left in there for actual cake! It's sure to impress that guy who can't get enough fruit cake.

Clove and Cardamom Lebkuchen (Germany)

Traditional Christmas gingerbread lebkuchen with honey and spices from Nuremberg, Germany close up

Germans have been addicted to this unique holiday treat for years, but the secret is finally out! Add a dash of clove and cardamom to your gingerbread recipe and you'll be tasting a delicious traditional German treat! You can make it even more fabulous by adding a homemade lemon glaze.

Almond Chocolate Croissants (France)

Almond Chocolate Croissant

The French are known for their croissants, but you may not know it's a holiday must to stuff them with cream, almond, and chocolate paste before baking. Once they have finished baking, dip the flaky buttery goods into Nutella for a perfect warm French snack.

Amaretti Cookies (Italy)

Home-Made Italian Amaretti Almond Cookies

Who wouldn't want to add a little Italian culinary magic and that warm fuzzy feeling to their holiday snacks? Amaretti almond cookies are made from a dough mixture including almonds, cream, and Amaretto. Bake in the oven for just 15 minutes for that glorious golden brown color. Adults can add a light brush of amaretto to the top for that nice warm feeling in your stomach.

Santa's Favorite Linzer Pinwheels (Austria)

Close up of spiral cookies laid on white plate.

Kids will love the taste and look of these pinwheel cookies designed after the classic toy pinwheel. Make sure to leave a couple out for Santa!

Spiced Bread Pudding Souffle (Mexico)

Home made Mexican style bread pudding

Known in Mexico as Caballeros Ricos, this rich and tasty dessert combines a traditional American holiday favorite, bread pudding, and lightens it up with a souffle baking style! Many complex flavors including almonds, cloves, and coffee are balanced with creamy whole milk for some perfect holiday flavor.

Holiday Halwa (India)

Gajar ka halwa is a carrot-based sweet dessert pudding from India. Garnished with Cashew/almond nuts and Served in a bowl over colourful/wood background

Need a lighter option for a holiday snack? Indian Halwa is a sweet and healthier winter holiday option for those who like fruit and spices! Combine cashews, dried apples, cranberries, tangerines with spices of cardamom, and a pinch of cinnamon to top your wheat flour based sooji base for a sweet treat. Ensure the base is cooked through for an even taste and texture.

Chocolate Winter Wafer Cookies (Germany)

Coated stake wafers of chocolate.

If your holiday eat-ums need to be literally dripping in chocolate, you and German baking have found a perfect match! Grab a package of chocolate creme layered wafer cookies and drizzle microwave a melted mixture of chocolate, coconut, and pecan frosting for a heavenly last-minute German treat.

Gingerbread (UK)

Cake with nuts and spices. Selective focus

No need to sigh at a cookie jar full of meh-looking gingerbread cookies! The UK solved the problem of brittle and tasteless with a rich and moist cake version of the classic treat. Served with a decadent lemon sauce, a baking tin and a warm oven are all you need to make yourself a tasty twist on a classic!

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