Today's technological climate dictates features that were unthinkable a decade ago are becoming commonplace today, and the kitchen is certainly no exception. With that in mind, some Silicon Valley engineers have developed June, an "intelligent oven" that offers unprecedented functionality, if you're willing to pay for it.
Touchscreen displays, connectivity, and automation might sound like descriptors for car or entertainment system technology, but June offers all of those functionalities and more. The oven automatically identifies what kind of food is placed inside it, and suggests an ideal cook time and settings. Then, an internal camera allows the user to watch food as it cooks via the mobile app. Yes, there's a mobile app.
The app allows the user to monitor the food inside the oven, as well as view the remaining cook time; not that you'd necessarily need it, as the oven appears fairly adept at handling the cooking process on its own and pings the user when finished. Beyond all of that, the oven will apparently learn from each user who cooks with it and improve its automated functions progressively. Sounds both incredibly practical, and midly terrifying.

At this point, the primary concern appears to be cost. The initial pricepoint of $1,495, which might be prohibitive for many prospective buyers. However, June's functionality and versatility might just make it worth the bucks anyway. If you're already sold on it, however, June is allowing customers to place $95 towards preordering the oven, which will be available in Spring 2016.
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