Well, SOME of it made it into the cup.

Real question: food or putty?

Sorry Red Sox fans, this one's the real green monster.



Important: there is (or was) cilantro in this smoothie.

It was probably for the best that this unappetizing mess didn't make it.

Sometimes, keeping the lid on is just too hard.

Yes, Emilia, "epic" is one word to describe this.

As Matt learned, it's important to always read and follow directions.


When you're trying to get swole, a protein shake that's too big and wild for the blender is probably best.

These rowdy carrots just wanted to explore the nice countertop. 

Someone forgot to screw everything on tightly.

The lid could not contain this smoothie.

This magic bullet creation could not be tamed.

This poor girl suffered some blender battle scars.