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The Beer Syrup Company is set to launch in under a week, and that day couldn't come sooner. 

Russ Meredith, local entrepreneur and the 33-year-old creator of Louisville-based Beer Syrup Company has a secret. This secret allowed the launch of the first ever line of commercial syrups that can be used by people of all ages in dishes ranging from pancake breakfasts to cocktails. 

Basically, Meredith discovered a way to decrease the amount of alcohol in beer syrup so his syrups can be sold free-range. Most other beer syrups are too alcoholic to be sold outside the liquor section. This has opened up endless opportunities for Meredith to sell his Beer Syrup Company products at events such as The Flea Off Market pictured above.

Meredith explains that his syrups are by no means meant exclusively for pancakes. In fact, Louisville Grind Burger Kitchen Home recently featured a burger with brie, bacon, habanero jam, and lots of Meredith's beer syrup.

Meredith did not simply fall into success. At first, Meredith was not interested in beer syrups. Rather, he wanted to do a simple syrup line featuring craft flavors to be used in cocktails. But, being a smart businessman, Meredith realized this had already been done and decided to chase after an untapped market: beer syrup. Meredith enrolled in a start up program on Velocity, had a soft launch for his website last December, reached out to contacts, and slowly saw his dreams and ideas growing to fruition.

Currently, Meredith is selling his first three flavors, Bourbon Barrel Stout, Mocha Porter, and Pecan Nut Brown, both online and at local events. The Beer Syrup Company is gaining more and more momentum and it's official launch is just around the corner. The Launch Party is Sept. 20, 2015 at 6pm in Louisville, KY.

Will Beer Syrup become the newest staple in your kitchen?

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