By Anna Callahan

Ice cream has ruled the frozen dessert category for quite some time and now it's getting even better. Is that even possible? Yes, it most definitely is, all thanks to a little liquid nitrogen. 

Liquid nitrogen ice cream is one of the silkiest, smoothest things I have ever tasted. Imagine a texture similar to frozen yogurt or authentic gelato, but ten times smoother. Can't do it? Well maybe you should pop on over to the home of St. Louis's best liquid nitrogen ice cream, Ices Plain & Fancy, and try it for yourself.

I was fortunate enough to sample and fall in love with this new ice cream art form at the Taste of St. Louis. Once I had one bite, I had to find out more. How is this scoop of heaven created? This method has been around since 1901 so it is actually fairly simple. Start with a liquid ice cream base. Pour the base into the bowl of a standing mixer with a paddle attachment and churn on medium speed. This is where it gets cool. Slowly drizzle liquid nitrogen (three times the base volume) into the mixture. Continue until the ice cream reaches the desired consistency and serve!

There are many advantages to using the nitrogen method, all factoring in to the unbelievably smooth and creamy finished product. Because liquid nitrogen is so cold, the process is much faster than with an electric machine or hand crank.  The nitrogen is able to flash turn the cold confection before unpleasant ice crystals are able to form. This method allows the dessert chef to control how much air is beat into the ice cream. Less air leads to a more dense and silky product, like the wonderful ice cream at Ices Plain & Fancy. 

Even if you do not live around the St. Louis area, you need to get your hands on this life-changing frozen dessert.  Have you ever tried nitrogen ice cream before?