We believe Nature Valley bars should come with a warning label. Warning: bite into this bar at your own risk of potentially chipping a tooth. 

However, luckily, word on the street is Nature Valley realized how hard their product is and decided to change up the recipe to make it softer and more bite-friendly. 

This is not a drill. It's official. According to Jeffrey L. Harmening, Nature Valley's Executive VP and Chief Operating Officer of U.S. Retail, "[W]e’re rolling out an improved Nature Valley Crunchy Bar that’s easier to bite". Harmening also mentioned that this addresses the chief customer complaint received about their product. However, it is still yet to be revealed exactly HOW the bars will change.

With Nature Valley's new improvements to its classic "Crunchy Granola Bar", we are looking forward to finally being able to easily and happily bite down on the bar.

We can't wait to try the new bar! Can you?