Yep, you read that right! The new diet trick to try is drinking not just one glass, but half a bottle of red wine before bed! New research shows that doing this that can help you lose weight faster. In the study, the researchers looked at women who drank 1 to 2 glasses of red wine before bed and women who didn't drink any. The women who drank 1 to 2 glasses before bed were more likely to lose weight than women who didn't.


 You're probably wondering how drinking half a bottle of red wine can help you lose weight. Well, red wine has a chemical called Ellagic acid which helps slow the growth of fat cells and stop the formation of new ones. It also boots the metabolism of fatty acids in liver cells. 


That's not all that red wine is good for though. Having a glass or two of red wine before bed has been shown to cut cravings, curb your appetite and make you feel more relaxed. That in turn leads to less eating and more sleep. Drinking red wine has also shown to lower the risk of heart disease and stroke in some people. 


So go grab yourself a bottle of wine and drink half of it before bed! It's the doctor's order.