Energy drinks have been all the hype the past few years. From Monster, to Red Bull, to 5 Hour Energy, there are hundreds of products on the market that are all about giving you as much energy as possible to get you through the day. But they are starting to lose popularity due to their serious side effects. Energy drinks may have some tough competition soon with this drink that creates the opposite effect. 

Tranquini is setting out to create a canned drink aimed to help consumers relax, get rid of stress and face their daily lives in a different way. Society has seen a huge rise in health conscious companies and this stress relieving drink is no different. It contains green tea extract, lavender, vitamin B12 and chamomile. The relaxation drink won't likely hit stores until 2016, but we're excited to see what this drink can do. 

We all need a little relaxation sometimes so we're sure this drink will hit home with many busy people!