Hot wings. Chili. Sweet and sour meatballs. Fried chicken on a stick. Pulled pork sandwiches. Veggies and dip. What we eat on game day changes based on where we live and what our unique game day traditions may be. However, no matter who we are or how we kick back on game day, one thing remains constant: beer. Basically everyone everywhere enjoys a nice, cold beer on game day, and Anheuser Busch knows this.

Being the official sponsor of the NFL, it makes sense that Bud Light, with the help of Buzz Connect and Linq IQ, would introduce the first ever smart fridge which allows its users to view real-time information by syncing the fridge up to a mobile device. With the mobile app, you can program the Bud-E-Fridge so that it keeps you up to date on when games are approaching. Not only does the fridge give you updates on games, but also on the contents of the fridge.  The smart fridge keeps a count of the number of cans and bottles in the fridge as well as when the optimal drinking temperature is reached. It even sends a message to your phone when your stock of beer needs to be replenished.

Sure seems like a smart marketing move on Busch's part, and we love the idea of this fridge. Currently the fridge is only available for purchase by California residents, but we have no doubt it will be more widely available shortly. Will you try it out?