When looking back at our childhood memories, an iconic image for many of us is the cool, tasty, futuristic Dippin' Dots. Imagine if you could transform any liquid into Dippin' Dots. With the Imperial Spherificator, this dream can become a reality. The Imperial Spherificator, which is currently on Kickstarter crowdfunding, uses molecular gastronomy technologies to transform liquid into tiny, frozen round spheres. 

You could use a sweet milk-based or custard mixture for a Dippin' Dots imitation, try one of these homemade ice cream recipes, or you could get creative and use the Spherificator on anything from tabasco sauce to mint extract. Sphere-ified tabasco can be a wonderful addition to oysters, as pictured above. There is no limit on the inventive ways the Imperial Spherificator can be used. 

What other creative ideas do you have for the Imperial Spherificator? We can't wait to see the ideas you share with us!