Oh Lucky Charms, the obnoxiously sweet cereal comprised of boring wheat cereal pieces and magical marshmallowy goodness. Everyone remembers picking out the marshmallows from the box, or carefully eating the normal pieces until you were left with a bowl of pure marshmallows, right? Every Lucky Charms lover would tell tales about a magical land where unicorns danced and Lucky Charms consisted of only marshmallow pieces. Well, ladies and gentleman, our childhood dreams are becoming a reality. General Mills is making the Lucky Charms legend true!

What's better than a box of Lucky Charms marshmallows? 10 boxes of Lucky Charms marshmallows! Just like Willy Wonka, General Mills will award 10 lucky consumers with the golden ticket of cereal. How can you get your hands on a rare, limited edition box? Take a picture of yourself holding an "imaginary" box of Lucky Charms and post it on as many social media accounts as you can with the hashtag #Lucky10Sweepstakes! Share it on Facebook, tweet it on twitter, gram it on Instagram. But hurry, you only have until October 18th, 2015!

What are you still doing here? Go win those Lucky Charms!

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