Hangovers are like borrowing happiness from tomorrow. Think about it. We all know very well the consequences of drinking alcohol, yet we do it anyway to kick back with the girls, celebrate a big promotion, or to loosen up on a Friday night. The next day we wake up in the morning, okay maybe the afternoon, cursing ourselves for drinking so much. The rest of the day is full of nausea, headaches, and self-loathing thanks to a wicked combination of dehydration and exhaustion. Yep, we've all been there. After too many hangovers we start to experiment with different elixirs to reverse the damage of the previous night: gatorade, cold showers, clumpy green smoothies. We try to convince ourself that they work, but do they really?

Could the cure to all of our hangover ailments be more vodka? That's what Vitamin Vodka is trying to say.

Vitamin Vodka claims to prevent hangovers because it is "infused with anti-hangover vitamins" making it less likely for the consumer to become dehydrated. It is also organic and purified, which The Vitamin Alcohol Company claims also contributes to the lack of dehydration.

 In an interview with Munchies, Bradley Mitton, The Vitamin Alcohol Company's European business manager, tried to back up their health claims by saying, "The vitamins help supplement some of the nutrients lost when drinking alcohol. Vitamins B, C, and K are used in Vitamin Vodka. The B and C vitamins assist with hydration, as it’s primarily dehydration that creates a hangover. You consume the equivalent of one multivitamin in every four shots." Hmm, that sounds pretty nice, but is it too good to be true?

The promise of hangover-less fun is not cheap though. You can purchase your own Vitamin Vodka from the company website for $1618! 

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