Oh, Jell-O, our go-to childhood favorite. The fruity flavors, bouncy texture and the ability to be slurped down in one big gulp, gives Jell-O a leg up on the rest of those snacks your mom bought. Even now when we have Jell-O, we're reminded of how good it is as we are taken right back to our favorite childhood memories (because they all started with Jell-O.)

But, did you know that your body actually benefits from Jell-O. Yes, you were actually eating something healthy all those years! Well, sort of. The gelatin in Jell-O (the protein that gives it the bouncy texture) can greatly benefit your hair, skin and joints later in life.


Now, there's a way to get this beneficial gelatin without eating bowls and bowls of sugary Jell-O (okay, we still might do that anyway, if we're being honest here.) Great Lakes Gelatin is a dietary supplement that can be mixed in with many foods and drinks to provide the body with many benefits. This supplement can help with stiff joints and wrinkles. Gelatin is naturally found in bones, cartilage, and the hides of animals, but it can be hard to consume in our every day diets. 

There are three common types of gelatin: beef, porcine (from pig skin) and kosher collagen hydrolysate. There are a few differences in the three varieties, but the one most worth mentioning is that collagen hydrolysate dissolves easily in cold water without congealing, while beef and porcine collagen are best when used in recipes that require a hot liquid. Make sure to buy flavorless gelatin so you can blend it in your favorite smoothie or cook it with your favorite meat. 

Are you going to try this new health and beauty food trend?

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