Pizza delivery is arguably one of the best inventions. Hot and ready pizza without having to pause Netflix, put on pants, drive to a restaurant, and deal with people? Yes please! Well you might have to put on pants to open the door but that's a small price to pay for cheesy pizza. And now with special apps you can order pizza directly from your phone. No more talking to people! However, delivery does cause one problem. The pizza is never as hot as it would be coming fresh out of the oven. Until now. 

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Domino's has a solution that could forever change the pizza delivery game. It's called the DXP, the Delivery Expert. The DXP is a specially designed pizza delivery car, created to delivery pizzas faster and hotter. The cars have built-in ovens to keep the pizzas warm and toasty on the drive. Also, besides the driver's seat, there will be no other seats in the cars to allow more room for larger pizza orders. The DXP will also feature a puddle light that projects the Domino's logo on the ground wherever the car goes, making the deliver drivers basically just like Batman.

So far only a few of these futuristic cars have been so produced, but the future it bright!