Calling all rabbits and rabbit owners! Does your pet rabbit have a sassy diva side and you just know he or she is destined to be a star? Well here's your chance to make your pet rabbit famous! General Mills is looking for a real rabbit to become the new mascot of its Trix cereal campaign. They want to promote a real rabbit as their new Trix mascot as a part of their commitment to rid the products of artificial flavors and colors. 

This marketing tactic is a clever way to get Trix's consumers involved! You can enter your furry rabbit into the campaign by taking its picture, putting the picture on social media and using the hashtag #RealTrixRabbit. The winner of the contest will appear on Trix cereal boxes for a limited time to show a more realistic approach to breakfast.

If you have a bunny you think would be great as the face of Trix, submit a picture soon! There has already been a ton of submissions of cute bunnies. Don't miss this chance for your bunny to be a star!  

Look at this badass bunny. He sure would bring a hipster vibe to the Trix brand.

How cute is this fluffy little rabbit?! 

This bunny is definitely the diva Trix may be looking for! Let's see your #RealTrixRabbit submissions!