Diet after diet and quick fix after quick fix. We'll do just about anything to drop a few pounds and give ourselves a boost of energy. Well, FATwater may just be the new craze hitting your Facebook timeline and Instagram feeds. Yes, you read that right. There's a thing called FATwater. We're not really sure how to feel about this new drink either. FATwater is a combination of water, fat, sweetener and some flavors. While it may seem like it's loaded with calories, it only has 20 calories per bottle.

Dave Asprey is the entrepreneur behind FATwater. His name might sound familiar. He is also the guy who created the Bulletproof coffee craze that is still very popular. In his Bulletproof coffee he mixed butter and oil with coffee. While the Bulletproof coffee is meant to help people lose weight, FATwater is meant to be a replacement to sugary soft drinks, coconut water and energy drinks.

Asprey uses a process in which he takes purified water and mixes in tiny droplets of Bulletproof XCT oil. You can get the bottled version or buy the concentrated fat to mix in water yourself. He says that FATwater is more hydrating than normal drinking water. The fat in the water allows your body to absorb all of the water instead of just a little bit of it. Your body sees the fat and wants to use it, so you're left feeling rehydrated and you get a little boost of pure energy too. 

The research is a little back and forth on whether FATwater is really that beneficial to the body. Your best bet is to do some research of your own before giving in to another health craze. What do you think? Would you try FATwater? Or do you think it's just another fas that will come and go?